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CitiGroup $C Stocks & Options Trading Idea Update

This is an update video for the stocks and options trading idea shared to our xBrat Stocks Predator users in their own support channel in our xBrat Teams. ...

ChinaData Group Holdings $CD is the Standout Options Trade Opportunity on the Stocks Predator with Unusual Options Activity Detected

xBrat Vic - Within the xBrat Stocks Predator, the Confluence Meter shows $CD in its list for today with two red and one yellow indicators. This is the stand ...

Century Aluminum $CENX is the Standout Options Trade Opportunity on the Stocks Predator Today (11/20/23)

https://youtu.be/kfvp_7WxSPY xBrat Vic Options Trade Opportunity on $CENX - I like the Jan 19, 2024 CALL at a $10 STRIKE price which is trading at ...

How to Overcome Emotional Trading Pitfalls for Better Results

The highs and lows of trading in the stock market can influence your decisions. It gets worse when you let your emotions control your thoughts and actions. As ...

How Does Triple Trade Impact The Stock Market?

Four times every year, stock options, stock index futures, and stock index options expire on the same day and same time. This happens in March, June, ...

What is a Put in Trading and How Does It Work?

There are different trading strategies in the financial market. One of them is trading put options. So, what is a put in trading, and what do you need to get ...

What is a Call Option in Options Trading and How Does It Work?

Options are unique financial instruments that traders use to hedge their existing trades. On top of that, trading these financial instruments can also be ...

How Swing Trading Differs from Day Trading in Stock Market?

Swing trading vs day trading — these are two distinct trading strategies with different requirements and goals. The two are similar in that your goal (in both ...

How to Start Trading Futures Successfully

Taking the first step as a newbie can be very challenging. It's the fear of the unknown. If you've started trading futures, hopefully, you understand what ...

How to Optimize Your Stock Screener Settings

Many people are turning to day trading as a full-time career. That’s because it’s becoming easier to be more lucrative due to the many advanced software ...

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  1. The Collection of videos in the xBrat Stocks predator playlist on our youtube chanel discussing this. Check them out HERE ! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLzkRBHnjoQfgz0Ksl2U68VWsI8OfkaV6m
    We hope you find the videos helpful in learning about our software and its capabilities. As always, please reach out with any questions or comments so we can help make the most of your trading experience! Thanks for visiting globaltradingsoftware.com!

  2. Your Welcome Mike, too many traders try to trade lots of different instruments. Keep it simple and stick to one instrument, you will get in the groove easier….

  3. Thanks Helena, Yes Pro+ is sufficient. So, on the top left of the chart set on the xbrat stocks predator you will see 3 horizonatal lines, click there and the drop down menu will appear, look towards the bottom and you will see the link to sign in.. Just follow the steps with your tradingview credentials and you will be in

  4. Hi William. That’s great news and walking before you run as a retail trader is very important. Framing your charts with support and resistance is a must do priority for all traders. Our xBrat Guardian Zones( https://globaltradingsoftware.com/product/xbrat-guardian-zones-ninjatrader/ ) for NinjaTrader does that automatically for you on multiple timeframes. I just made another video that discusses the Risk to Reward measurement on NinjaTrader HERE https://youtu.be/DZgjB9eMrlw

  5. Yes, we will produce simple rules in english that can be translated using google translate so that you can use the trading indicators easily

  6. Hi Chris – The parameter for pattern identification are set and follow strict rules, including the automated completion zone. The only thing adjustable are the target levels. There are no automated trading tools for trading harmonics as it is too subjective. Harmonics are a technical trading tool/strategy to confirm change in direction. Our auto harmonic trading software, identifies the pattern, colours it in green or red (depending on direction the resulting rade should take) and importantly gives you the sweet spot for the D pivot to complete. If it does complete in the completion zone and move away, its a good confirmation – if it doesnt complete in the auto completion zone then the probability is much lower

  7. We would recommend a VPS as power cuts will switch everything off. Our users prefer this VPS service https://bit.ly/3h64nYt

  8. Hi Arie, What instruments do you trade and are you a day trader or a swing trader

  9. the EMA cloud and Divergence clouds are separate indicators for confirmation and trade management and are part of day trading or crypto trading bundles here https://globaltradingsoftware.com/product-category/trading-software-bundles/ (if bought in bundle everything in bundle is discounted by 21%) The Auto Harmonic Pattern indicator on its own is $699 and can be found here https://globaltradingsoftware.com/product-tag/auto-harmonics/

  10. Thanks Vic, I use ByBit for all crypto spot trading. Binance is used for longer term positions with the ability to stake. Remember I am in Europe and have more facilities on Binance, like stakinG.

  11. just the default settings with auto harmonic

  12. yes use default setting 13 for 1 hour chart

  13. Hi Raymond, 4hr and Daily charts do produce Harmonic patterns, but are less frequent, when they happen they are high probability

  14. Raymond the higher the time, the less frequent, but they do show up

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