NinjaTrader: The Best Derivative Trading Platform


Besides your trading analytical skills, your trading platform matters a lot. Sure, any trading platform can help you earn some cash, but very few can compete with NinjaTrader. This platform comes with various goodies from OrderFlow+ and Trader+ that make trading more profitable.

What makes NinjaTrader ideal for seasoned and new traders? Why do I need 3rd party NinjaTrader indicators? Discover the answers to these NinjaTrader questions and more in our short guide.

What is NinjaTrader?

Generally, NinjaTrader is an exceptional derivatives trading platform that specializes in options, Forex, and futures. In fact, the trading community has ranked its trading software as the industry leader a couple of times. NinjaTrader is ideal for advanced traders, futures traders, and the ones looking for 24/7 trading action.

Featuring over 1000s of Add-Ons and Apps for customization, NinjaTrader is used by over half a million traders. Traders use NinjaTrader platforms for fast order execution, professional charting, and advanced market analysis.

NinjaTrader has various trading platforms, with a free version being quite useful to beginners. Sure, it may not have lots of add-ons and apps, but you can still backtest strategies, breakdown charts, and trade. After improving your skills, you can improve your platform’s functionality by adding more tools.

With an advanced account, you can have endless fun with NinjaTrader’s array of analyzers and tools. But you’ll have to either purchase a lifetime license or lease it on a quarterly basis.

Another thing that makes NinjaTrader a platform is the fact that it has a third-party community of developers referred to as the NinjaTrader Ecosystem. The NinjaTrader Ecosystem develops lots of add-ons and apps that you can use to improve your trading platform.

The Best NinjaTrader Indicators

As part of the NinjaTrader Ecosystem, we have developed the following indicators that can improve your trading experience:

Bias Indicator

In a nutshell, this indicator measures the relationship between 3 EMAs on a higher timeframe. Their relationship on a higher timeframe can help you make the right decisions on your current timeframe. The good thing about this indicator is a sub-chart that keeps the other charts clean for your leading strategies.

False Breakout Stochastic

This add-on helps with the customization of your charts. Basically, it prints yellow in overbought zones in a strong bearish market and vice versa after it breaks out of the false breakout state. Therefore, you can open positions after a pullback against the market’s leading trend.

MACD Divergence Trading Indicator

To help you detect when the trend is ending, this indicator looks for divergence by measuring the histogram’s height. This indicator prints on the chart to show a possible trend reversal leaving the chart region clutter-less.

Other exceptional indicators include:

  • Auto-Harmonic Pattern Recognition: This software projects and identifies harmonic pattern completion zones.
  • NinjaTrader Elliott Wave Indicator: Detects the Elliott Wave corrective segments and impulses for Elliott Wave traders.
  • Volume Behavior: This indicator of all the bars/candles according to if the volume is a distribution or accumulation candle.
  • NinjaTrader xBrat Roller Coaster Indicator: It’s a cross of MACD and Stochastic with some EMA points for short and long trades.
  • VWAP Predator: It is a scalping and day trading indicator with trade management guidance. This indicator is ideal for anyone who plans on being passive in the market.
  • xBrat Bias depth Heatmap: This indicator identifies the trades with the highest likelihood of winning.

The Best NinjaTrader Trading Bundles

If working with any of our indicators can improve your trading experience. What do you think would happen if you use a combination of our top indicators? Well, we have unique packages of indicators designed for certain trading strategies.

In fact, with these trading bundles, you get 5 indicators at a discount. On top of that, you’ll gain access to a trade management tool with settings for day and swing trading. Some of our top bundles include:

  • NinjaTrader Day Trading Basic Bundle: It includes the xBrat bias depth heatmap, The manager value, the Xbrat value, EMA cloud chart trading, and the auto harmonic pattern recognition indicator.
  • NinjaTrader Swing Trading Bundle: It includes The Manager, xBrat bias depth heatmap, Xbrat Algo, Elliott wave indicator, and the auto harmonic pattern recognition indicator.

NinjaTrader Indicators vs. 3rd Party Indicators: Which Is Better?

In a nutshell, the advanced platform comes with some unique indicators that can make trading fun. But, the 3rd party indicators are exceptional tools customized for a certain purpose. They are upgraded or customized versions of the existing indicators.

Basically, they are way more effective at detecting trend reversal and can even leave you with a clutter-less chart. On top of that, the 3rd party indicators make trading easier and fun since they can help you customize your chart.

View all NinjaTrader trading indicators & software HERE


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