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NinjaTrader VWAP Predator

VWAP Predator For NinjaTrader

This is a Day Trading and Scalping Indicator with built in trade management guidance. VWAP is commonly used as a benchmark by investors who want to be more passive in the market. NOT the VWAP Predator! This is a Day Trading and Scalping Indicator with built in trade management guidance.



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NinjaTrader VWAP Predator

As a day trader or scalper, one of the factors you can’t afford to ignore is price trends. There are many tools to explore price trends. These include indicators that analyze the volume-weighted average price (VWAP).

Get the NinjaTrader VWAP Predator to determine if the instrument you traded or will trade is fair or over-priced. With the VWAP as a price benchmark, you decide your trade entrances and exit from an informed position.

It determines the average price of an instrument throughout the day. When a new session starts, the price resets on the intraday chart.

NinjaTrader VWAP Predator Indicator Features

Eliminate unnecessary data and focus on trading information required for a successful session. The NinjaTrader VWAP Predator shows you the weighted average price as a single line. It makes your technical analysis simple but accurate. Further, this indicator uses volume and price data to analyze price action.

Hence, it prioritizes information that affects market sentiments. If you’re a beginner hoping to learn before trading, this lagging indicator will teach you more than just price action. The price data will show you support and resistance levels. These will help you analyze instruments better before investing.

Both institutional investors and algorithmic traders can use the NinjaTrader VWAP Predator. It’s a neutral indicator that’s neither bullish nor bearish.

Built-in Trade Manager

There’s so much you have to do as a trader. There are charts to analyze while keeping up with company news. On top of that, you have to set and monitor trades. Therefore, it’s a fulfilling experience to get an indicator with a built-in trade manager.

The NinjaTrader VWAP Predator is one such tool. It has an intuitive dashboard with colorful candlesticks, bands, and ribbons. These help you monitor your trades. In addition, you can set entrance and exit positions. Such guidance is especially helpful to new traders or those with a diverse portfolio.

How the NinjaTrader VWAP Predator Works

Consider this indicator as your zonal guide. Consequently, one of the things you’ll notice on the dashboard is the bullish and bearish bands. It also has accumulation and distribution candles. When the accumulation ones are more in number, it signifies more buyers.

This zonal guide also highlights the start of a move. When the prices fluctuate, there’s so much happening in the market that you may get confused when charting. Hence, this indicator clears unnecessary noise around price action and highlights crucial details. These help you plan your entry or exit.





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NinjaTrader VWAP Predator
NinjaTrader VWAP Predator


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