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The 21-Day Exponential Moving Average

As traders, we use a wide range of indicators to determine the direction and strength of the current trend. We use several indicators to determine which stocks to go short or long; one of the most effective tools is the moving averages. Moving averages are quite popular among traders. They’re the ...

The 15-Minute Chart Trading Method

Traders turn to the 15 min chart trading strategy when looking for profits in the shortest period. The idea is to execute multiple buy/sell actions to benefit from the short-term price fluctuations in the market. Let's say you're trading in the EUR/USD pair and notice minor price fluctuations. ...

Long Put Option Strategy

Trading options is one of the best hedging methods in the market. Traders have been using it to protect their long-term investments if the market goes against them. And long put is one of the best strategies for trading options. What is a long put? Generally, it refers to traders purchasing put ...

The 200 EMA Forex Trading Strategy

The Exponential Moving Average is a technical trading indicator. It is a more advanced version of the Simple Moving Average. And it is highly similar to the Weighted Moving Average. The EMA is widely popular in the stock exchange market. However, it works just as well for Forex trading too. Just ...

Margin Rules for Day Trading

Day traders, when using a margin account, must abide by the 25000 day trading rule. This essentially means that they must have a minimum balance of $25,000 in their accounts at all times. Otherwise, they won't be able to trade until they deposit the said balance. Let's take a deeper dive into the ...

The 10 Minute Scalping Trading Method

Scalping techniques, such as the 10 min chart trading strategy, are common among day traders. A day trader's goal is to spot short-term trends and then make a profit off these trends by quickly transacting as needed. 10 minute chart trading involves making such transactions within a 10-minute ...

Short Call Option Strategy

The market's short call options are one its high-risk high-reward investments. But, what is a short call all about? Aside from being a popular derivative contract investment for underlying stocks, short calls are also a great profit-generating strategy. Let’s talk all about what is a short call ...

Long Call Option Strategy

Options are one of the most profitable derivative investments in the trading market. And long call options only make them better. So, what is a long call? A long call gives you the freedom to set a price, weigh the market’s conditions as time passes, and even change your mind in the end. Let’s ...

The 5-Minute Scalping Trading Method

The 5 min chart trading strategy is a popular way to make short-term trades in the financial markets. In this blog post, we'll talk about what exactly this method is and which indicators to use with it. Also, we will talk about how to use the 5 minute trading strategy. What is a 5-Minute Scalping ...

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