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At GTS, we value our community members and welcome feedback and suggestions. If you have a testimonial that you would like to publish, Just reach out to a member of the team.

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Some kind words from our clients

Elliott Wave
January 1, 2020

The ElliottWave Suite has been instrumental in improving my daily routine. Much more consistent now. It’s also nice to be in a community of traders that have similar trading styles.

W5t Indicator Suite
February 27, 2020

I highly recommend any of the indicators. They are 100% rules based with very high W/L ratios. I personally use the Elliot Wave and the Roller Coaster almost daily. I have all of their indicators and once you learn the rules and the process everything else comes into place. They also have a ton of content and training enviroments for you to get up off the gound as well.

June 1, 2020

Without these products, I was shooting from the hip… and not being consistent. These bundles gives me the skills and roadmap that I needed and was looking for. Greg

The xBrat Algo
June 13, 2020

Using the XBratAlgo on MNQ 60 min chart, there was a 6 star buy signal and price had crossed above my resistance zone. Price was also above my 10/20 day moving average. I entered at $11783 and exited at the first red Heiken Ashi candle at $12110 for a$650 profit on my first day using the new tool. Fantastic indicator.

Crypto Trading Bundle
June 15, 2021

I’m not sure who is sitting at a monitor or a phone right now staring at yet another trade that has gone against them.  For me, it was a case of too much information leading to failure to act.  Money spent on tout services, was somewhat successful but that didn’t satisfy my desire to be a trader. Not to mention every year of renewing was money spent that I felt I could put to better use.  I was ready to walk away.  A couple of days later, I was watching a livestream where Paul was explaining his trading software.  I found his YouTube channel and began watching every video there.  I realized that the software purchase was a one time investment, no more newsletter renewal fees every year.  I’ve traded long enough to know that there is no such thing as a push button system where the software does all of the work. Yet others I talked to about the Crypto Trading Bundle seemed to think that all you had to do was “follow the signals” and “take every trade”.  

     Fast forward 2 weeks and the same people who were touting the software were claiming it didn’t work.  I asked them if they had watched Paul’s tutorials and each assured me that they had.  I had been (and still am) experiencing success with it and could not understand why they were not.  I asked if they had framed their charts and not taking signals into resistance, they had not.  They were merely “taking the 6 star trades”.  I asked if they had “looked left”, again the answer was “No, I only take the 6 star trades.”  I asked if they had reached out to Paul or his team for help, again the answer was “NO”.  This is a recipe for failure.

     I will not tell you that ORDERING the software will guarantee your success as a trader.  I can tell you that LEARNING how the software works and applying that knowledge will.  Paul has assembled an incredibly helpful team, Damian has gone over and above to answer all of the questions that I have had.  If there’s anything that you’re not understanding about the software, all you need do is ask for help.

      I’ve traded off and on for 23 years, more off than on due to my inability to find a trading system that consistently produced profitable results.  Not only have I found that consistency in the software, I have found a system that goes along with it.  Paul’s system, watch the tutorials, learn the rules, follow the rules, repeat.

    I gladly recommend not only the Crypto Trading Bundle but more than that, Paul and the team who stand by it.  I wish each of you success on your trading journey.

     “Look Left”

The xbrat algo divergence cloud & ema cloud
June 15, 2021

I would like to start this testimonial to say that I got the xbrat algo and divergence cloud and ema cloud around 2 months ago.
And wow how it changed my trading game . I used to try to figure out entries and stops until I got these awesome indicators . Now I wait patiently for the market to come to me and make solid entries and exits . I would recommend xbrat algo or divergence cloud or ema cloud to anyone and not just for beginners the pros too. This works on so many platforms and instruments. Also would like to add I bought the bias indicator last month love it too .
You can change your trading with less stress less emotions by trading with indicators that actually work to help you make profits. As in trading we all will have a loss but mine is now seriously way less to keep me trading. The edge this gives you is amazing once you learn it. There are videos on that also on the youtube page .
Also the customer service is hands down great. they walked me thru my setup free ..
Great products come from great traders and Paul is a full time trader too just like me and you.

The 2nd add on is me passing an evaluation for a trading job in 3 days . I met their consistency rule and profit goal easily, which I never did prior to not having these indicators

BITS, Rollercoaster, and Elliott Wave indicators
June 23, 2021

The trading software suites have turned around my trading strategy and overall knowledge about trading in general. The indicators that come with it also work brilliantly. The BITS, Rollercoaster, and Elliot Wave indicators have completely transformed my trading and my passion for trading has grown tenfold. They are all incredibly intuitive and reliable. I have been able to teach my teen about all of the basics of trading with the help of these indicators and the entire platform. I recommend this platform for anybody who is willing to learn the indicators and the strategy to further their trading ability and increase their profits exponentially.

June 23, 2021

As a new trader, having these indicators gives me the reassurance when entering a trade. The indicators show you when and where to enter and exit a trade. These indicators are a must if you are new a new trader. Paul has now a weekly training session where he not only teach you how to use the indicators, but also teaches you strategies that he uses daily. When I first bought the indicators I had questions that were immediately addressed by Paul or one of his team members. I have never had a problem reaching out to them. They are always there to help you and the support you receive from them is priceless. I use the indicators mainly for Futures.

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