The Manager NinjaTrader

The Manager – Simple & Repeatable Trade Management Indicator Suite

“The Manager” is the ultimate trade management indicator suite for all instruments and for all timeframes.

This trade management tool has settings for:

  • Swing Trading
  • Day Trading Conservative
  • Day Trading Moderate
  • Day Trading Aggressive.

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The Manager NinjaTrader

Do you ever find yourself panicking when a trade that’s in profit experiences a pullback? Have you ever gotten out of a trade only for your bullish trade to continue rising? Well, you’re not alone. Most trades wish that they could have maximized the profit from a strong breakout.

Sure, there are various technical indicators that can help you decide when to exit a position, but nothing beats The Manager NinjaTrader.

What Is The Manager NinjaTrader?

The Manager NinjaTrader is the ultimate manager that helps you determine when to enter your position while in profit. It guarantees that you ride a breakout or a trade and earn more. So, instead of making emotional or uneducated decisions, you can make the right decisions.

The great thing about this management indicator is that it does all this without leaving your chart cluttered. Instead of using several tools to confirm when to exit a trade, you can use The Manager NinjaTrader.

The Manager NinjaTrader has settings for the following strategies:

  1. Day trading aggressive
  2. Day trading conservative
  3. Day trading moderate
  4. Swing trading

The Manager NinjaTrader uses the following tools:

  1. Adjustable BIAS cloud
  2. Volume accumulation/distribution
  3. Average volume

Therefore, you can use it to manage your strategies when trading:

  1. Cryptocurrencies
  2. Commodities
  3. Futures
  4. Forex
  5. Stocks

But one of the key things that stands out is that it works with every trading strategy.

How Does The Manager NinjaTrader Work?

As aforementioned, The Manager NinjaTrader is a perfect combination of 3 unique indicators. The BIAS cloud is usually red in a bearish market and green in a bullish move. BIAS Cloud will show you when the trend is about to change.

Another factor that traders consider when determining if they should exit a trade is the traded volume. So, instead of using a different indicator, The Manager NinjaTrader has this functionality in its simplest form. Basically, The Manager NinjaTrader uses blue and cyan dots.

The blue dots found below a candlestick show lower than-average traded volume, while the cyan dot is the opposite. But you’ll also need to understand the meaning of the different colored candles.

Therefore, when trading a bullish move, you’ll have to monitor the green BIAS cloud to confirm when the resistance holds. The red candlesticks and cyan dots can be a warning that should never be dismissed.

But if the resistance holds and the BIAS cloud’s color doesn’t change, then you can continue riding the breakout. So with The Manager NinjaTrader, you’ll never exit a position while there is a high likelihood of maximizing your profit.


The training for this shows combinations to give aggressive, moderate and conservative trade management strategies.

The trade management strategies for this indicator are simple and repeatable.


  • Stocks
  • Forex (with volume data from your broker)
  • Futures
  • Commodities
  • cryptocurrency

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"The Manager – Simple & Repeatable Trade Management Indicator Suite"



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The Manager NinjaTrader
The Manager NinjaTrader


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