xBrat Stocks Predator Development update August 2023

After 4 weeks of development to ensure stable data and building our first xBrat technical scanner. We are pleased to announce the xBratAlgo Scanner has been added to our Stocks Predator Dashboard. Our Beta testers now have full use of this along with the rest of the scanners and tools. Its not too late to get this dashboard for life and become part of the beta testing group. Read more how to join HERE.

Why is this significant for the xBrat Stocks Predator?

The addition of xBratAlgo Scanner to the Stocks Predator Dashboard is a significant development for the xBrat Stocks Predator. After four weeks of development to ensure data stability and building the first xBrat technical scanner. Our beta testers can now fully utilize this powerful tool along with other scanners and tools available in the dashboard.

One of the major advantages of this breakthrough is the acceleration of the development process for the remaining xBrat Technical Analysis Scanners. Building efficient and effective scanners requires an in-depth understanding of the algorithms involved. But handling the stocks data and presenting it in an intuitive manner is equally important. With the addition of xBratAlgo Scanner to the Stocks Predator Dashboard, the architecture of scanning for various xBrat Strategies has been streamlined, making it easier to handle vast amounts of data quickly and effectively.

Next Development is the Confluence Watchlist

As traders looking for high probability opportunities, we understand the importance of getting a big picture view of the market. By combining the results of multiple technical scans, we can increase our chances of finding winning trades. That’s why our next goal is to build a powerful confluence tool that can identify stocks that appear in more than one of our scans.

To illustrate just how effective this approach can be, let’s take a look at a real-world example. $HUM, a stock that initially appeared on our xBratAlgo scanner as a 5-star BUY signal, continued to increase in value and eventually reached a 6-star BUY signal. The catalyst for this bullish move was a positive earnings announcement on August 2nd, 2023, which gave us the initial BUY signal. Check out the chart below.

xBrat Stocks predaotr xBratAlgo Scanner

But the story doesn’t end there. Our Unusual Options Activity Scanner also picked up on a large number of call options with a strike price of $560. Adding another layer of confluence to the bullish sentiment surrounding $HUM. With both our technical scanner and options activity scanner in agreement, we had a strong indication that a potential target was in sight.

And as if to confirm our suspicions, we also note that the first intra day VWAP predator Buy Signal was printed yesterday, as seen on the chart on the Unusual Options Activity panel. This combination of technical signals and market data allowed us to confidently look for Long Trade on $HUM

xBrat Stocks predator VWAP Chart

By leveraging the power of confluence, we can enhance our trading strategies and increase our chances of success in the ever-shifting markets. Stay tuned for our next development. The confluence gauge watchlist, which will enable us to quickly and easily identify stocks with high levels of confluence.

xBrat Stocks Predator is a Revolutionary Dashboard

The xBrat Stocks Predator is a revolutionary dashboard that is about to redefine the way traders and investors approach US stocks. This next development, the confluence gauge watchlist, is set to make it the go-to tool for even more savvy investors. The xBrat Stocks Predator utilizes proprietary xBrat Technical Analysis. Along with Fundamental Analysis and Unusual Options Activity to provide users with a unique combination of market insights.

This confluence approach pulls in all of these different analyses to identify strong confluences in the market. The dashboard is designed to make it easy for traders and investors to glean valuable insights at a glance. This is a unique offering in the market, making xBrat Stocks Predator stand out from the crowd.

Investors are going to want to be a part of the beta testing group for xBrat Stocks Predator. Those who join are going to have lifetime access to the tool, along with all future upgrades and development. This is an opportunity that investors shouldn’t miss out on, and it’s only available to beta testers.

The xBrat Stocks Predator is a game-changing tool that is sure to provide investment professionals with a competitive edge. It’s set to be the go-to tool for successful traders, investors, and early adopters will reap the benefits. Above all, when the product is fully launched, the monthly subscription is set be $250/month. Making it an affordable option for seasoned investors.

Join the beta testing group now to get the xBrat Stock Predator HERE and stay ahead of the curve. This opportunity is for traders and investors who want to stay ahead of the game and be part of a truly innovative solution. Don’t miss out on this outstanding opportunity.

xBrat Stocks Predator

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