Tradingview – Mastering Confluence Trading: Strategies with Xbrat Algo

Check out this informative training video from Xbrat Software Solutions! In this video, *Paul* explains the *TradingView* Confluence trading strategy light, featuring the Xbrat algo as the primary signal generator.

With the Xbrat algo providing the signal, the bias depth heatmap confirms or denies it, and the manager helps in managing the trade effectively.

Paul breaks down the Xbrat algo, which combines 12 confluences graded from three to six stars based on their signal strength. He illustrates how to *interpret signals* and confirmations on the chart, emphasizing the importance of understanding momentum and correlations.

Throughout the video, Paul demonstrates various *trading examples* across different instruments, including futures, indices, forex, and stocks. From day trading to swing trading, he explains how to enter and manage trades using the Xbrat strategy.

TradingView Confluence Trading Strategy Lite

Confluence Trading Strategy Lite Bundle This bundle includes the 3 essential indicators: The xBrat BIAS Depth …
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