Recording – ➡️Live #Trading Training Monthly Webinar in Support of our Trading Indicators

Recording of #Live #Trading Training Monthly Webinar in Support of our Trading Indicators. Walking through trading signals, entry and trade management strategies. Getting down to the nitty gritty of using our trading software successfully in all market conditions. Answering question from our users in support of their trading.

Starting the Webinar following on from live trading livestream earlier in the afternoon HERE


8:17​ Divergence Cloud settings for smaller timeframes

11:30​ Auto Harmonic Pattern Software at work

22:00​ Swing Trading stocks

31:18​ Support & Resistance Zones

34:19​ Heikin Ashi Candles Top Tip

44:50​ xBratAlgo trade on BTCUSDT

53:50​ Scalping Oil with xBratAlgo

1:13:57​ Shorting DogeCoin

1:15:40​ Practicing working out entry, stop and risk to reward on smaller timeframes in time for trade


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