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Harmonic Patterns Basics

harmonic patterns

Are you new to trading? You're probably overwhelmed! As a beginner, you can use different tools for identifying market trends and trading opportunities. Among others, one of the best examples of the ...

Outperform Stocks Definition

outperform stock

Investors need to make informed decisions based on a number of factors. Since there is no true way of predicting the future, investors need to know when to hold, buy or sell. In order to do this, ...

What is a Prop Trader?

what is a prop trader

Asking “what is a prop trader” may just be the best decision of your life. Curiosity really is a mind in search of knowledge. That’s because as we tell you all about what is a prop trader, you’ll ...

Understanding Theta

what does theta mean

Trading uses a number of “Greeks” to measure the potential performance of options. One of the most important is theta. It’s related to the rate of decline in the value of an option over time. A ...

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