Century Aluminum $CENX is the Standout Options Trade Opportunity on the Stocks Predator Today (11/20/23)

xBrat Vic options trade opportunity

xBrat Vic Options Trade Opportunity on $CENX – I like the Jan 19, 2024 CALL at a $10 STRIKE price which is trading at $0.24. The spread between the bid/ask price is .55 vs .45 which is a bit higher than I like, but the xBrat Stocks Predator is showing a Victory Rate of 32.1 which is the expected return on the account based on current stock price, unusual activity strike price, implied volatility and volume to open interest ratio.  

Roughly, how much money you can make with this single trade so if it says 32.1% that means that you expect 32.1% ROI from today by the expiration date. With $1000 account size that means $321 profit based on current numbers with this Options Trade Opportunity .  Typically it is considered good if the stock being considered has a Victory Rate 10.0 or above.  In this case, I will put more emphasis on the Victory Rate from the xBrat Stocks Predator than the spread between the bid/ask.  The Implied Volatility Rank is at 26.7 which is pretty low relative to the past year for this stock’s IV.  

Options Trade Opportunity Conclusion

Lastly, the daily chart shows plenty of fresh air both at the daily support/resistance (S/R) and the weekly S/R zones.  See Paul’s Video above:

For all of these reasons, I like $CENX from today’s xBrat Stocks Predator readout.  For more about Implied Volatility, please review the recorded session in the Stock Options channel within my xBrat Vic team. Alternatively it is available on Youtube HERE

The xBrat Stocks Predator has both Fundamental and Technical Scanners that run everyday and uses our Patented Confluence Trading Technology to filter out only those stocks that have high probality of success. Whether its one of our propriatary technical strategy scans, unusual options activity or insider activity.. When a Stock appears on a multitude of these scans then our confluence meter picks it up!

Watch a live training session for the xBrat Stocks Predator HERE


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