Maximize Your Trading Success with This Groundbreaking Strategy!

Join Paul as he dives deep into the latest updates and enhancements to his trading strategy. Discover how incorporating bias confirmation from the Bias Depth Heat Map and utilizing fresh air from Guardian Zones can create a near “set-and-forget” trading environment. We’ll explore the reasons behind the untouched zones, showing why certain trades weren’t triggered, and how these new criteria improve accuracy.

In this session:

• He shares performance reports from the last 30 days.
• Highlights the importance of avoiding certain times, like trading oil before 2 a.m. European time.
• Emphasize execution precision, showcasing a Type 1 sell with all six timeframes in red.
• Testing and optimizing are crucial. He runs through simulations, real-time tests, and the performance of fresh trades, showing you the exact outcomes.

Over the next few weeks, he will integrate these modules into our Range Breakout Roller Coaster and the xBrat Algo ASB’S, ensuring trades only occur with confirmed signals and fresh air.

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