[Live Soon] Volume, Price Action & Behavior

Volume is an important part of understanding the behavior of all instruments. 

We have a great trading indicator that colours the candles/bars according to whether the volume for that time period of the candle is an Accumulation or Distribution candle or in fact if it has less volume than the previous candle. 

I highly recommend you check out my upcoming talk at the “Traders Exclusive Strategy Series,” happening on September 8th: 

Volume, Price Action & Behavior

Inside, you’ll learn about:

  • Accumulation & Distribution 
  • Volume made simple
  • Collective Price Action
  • Specific Price Action
  •  Combining Volume & Price Action to Understand Market Behavior

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This can completely shift the way you think about trading.

In my upcoming talk at the Traders Exclusive Event, I’ll be showing you a simple tool that can help traders of any instrument that involves volume to instantly visualise the behavior to help confirm trade directions. 


This is something you’ll want to make time for…

Because you’ll be able to identify when a move is running out of juice to aid in making trade management decisions.

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