xBRAT ALGO AutoTrader BASIC for ES V1.0

Think of an Experienced Traders’ Brain as a blueprint for a trading algorithm. Then the desire to keep charts as clutter free as possible. What you see below is a blueprint of Paul Bratby’s thought process but even he admits, he is getting too old to focus on all of these!


• 9 Decision Points before Paul considers grading the trade a 3* trade

• Then another special Decision Point will make it a 4* trade

• Another for 5* trade

• And Finally, a total of 12 Decision Points being correct before he grades a trade 6* trade.


Now we have taken this strategy to the next level and built an Automatic Trading ALGO so you can auto-trade this algorithm completely automatic and unattended (*). The BASIC version of the xBRAT ALGO has been optimized and back tested to get the best performance for the current ES market and is for accredited professional traders and Tradestation standard traders without the need to understand in-depth optimization settings mechanisms or additional features.


The BASIC version is out-of-the-box ready to trade the current ES continuous contracts (ie: @ESH21) and further contracts.

The xBrat AutoTrader For TradeStation


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