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Allegiance to sheer intelligence or sticking to simple, repeatable rules—what’s the best course of action for a trader?

The trading indicator and auto trading software company, Global Trading Software (GTS), has proven that adherence to simple trading indicator rules outperforms intelligence overkill.
The company’s logo of half human, half robot is not just fanciful.
“When you stick to simple, repeatable rules, it almost becomes robotic,” says Paul Bratby, CEO and founder of GTS. “Traders often try to be too intelligent, but what you need to be is a robot.”

GTS has converted the six of the most complex trading strategies, such as Elliot Wave and Harmonics, among others, into graphical software. The dashboard-based software converts trends across markets and time zones into easy-to-understood custom visuals. The
heat map summarizes complex trading signals across different time frames. Such deeper insights help traders avoid the burden of bad decision making.

At the outset of using the software, a trader can take a 30-minute boot camp by watching GTS’ proprietary YouTube videos on maximizing profit. This way, the trader doesn’t need to hastily pull out when the market shows some turbulence, but can continue to believe the rules displayed on the dashboard and stay in the game to gain higher profit quickly.

GTS’ journey began about eight years ago when Paul started to transform trading strategies into code, a never-before-done task that he went on to expand to different trading strategies and platforms.

Today, GTS offers strategies that are available on Ninja Trader, Think or Swim, MT4, and Trade Station trading platforms. This has been a big time-saver and moneymaker for the company’s clients.

The company has built software for Elliot Wave and integrated it with Think or Swim. Along the same lines, its software for auto Harmonics is integrated with TradingView, the charting platform and social network used by 30 million traders and investors worldwide
to spot opportunities across global markets.

Against the growing trend of traders jumping ship to do business with brokers who offer
competitive deals, Trading View emerges as the go-to platform to a maintain consistent trading experience and predictable results.

Paul is optimistic that Trading View is going to be the hotcake for traders, given how it seamlessly connects traders to a wide range of brokers. Retail traders can also interact with brokers through API in the Trading View platform. Even if they migrate to another broker, they can still continue to use the same software and platform.

To serve its clientele comprehensively, GTS has built automated trading software that automates three XBrat trading indicator strategies on Ninja Trader. But market conditions change faster than auto trading software can keep pace with. They need constant re-optimization. For this, GTS’ membership-based training boot camp helps users train
themselves on re-optimizing certain strategies every week.

They look at behavior and data and make informed decisions. The five hundred
training videos on complex trading strategies for different market conditions and different instruments have helped many part-time traders bloom as full-time trading professionals.
Retired at 45 as a successful trader, Paul possesses discipline as an innate quality, thanks to his experience in the military.

Paul has used this quality for the benefit of thousands of traders. What started as a hobby in the last eight years has turned into a serious business. Going forward, the company’s 5,000-strong clientele will have access to new GTS software that automatically advices when to support or resist a particular trading instance. At a time when the institutional software cost is growing, and traders are willing to take back control of their finances, GTS has emerged as the clear choice for both budding and seasoned trader.

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