The xBrat “Stocks Predator”: A Comprehensive approach to finding and trading stocks and ETFs that are in confluence

Whether stocks or options trading, this proprietary software makes light work of what used to be a trudge. In this blog post, we’ll explore how xBrat Stocks Predator’s innovative features can help you identify lucrative opportunities and maximize your profits.

Let’s dive into a recent options trading opportunity using the Stocks predator. Our trader held a $CVNA CALL option and experienced impressive gains.

Here’s the breakdown of this options trading activity:

•             Trade: $CVNA CALL

•             Initial Recommendation: The xBrat Confluence scanner flagged this trade as a potential opportunity.

•             Result: A remarkable 168% gain in just one day! The CALL option premium soared to $4.55 on 05/06/24.

•             Exit Strategy: Our trader decided to close trade at this price point. Why? Two reasons:

1.            The premium far exceeded the initial estimate of $2.20.

2.            A Wave 3 pattern appeared on the daily Elliott Wave chart, suggesting a potential retracement (Wave 4).

Taking Profits and Managing Risk for this options trading opportunity

Trading success isn’t just about making gains; it’s also about protecting them. Our trader’s conservative approach paid off. You, too, can follow these strategies:

1.            Trim and Scale: If you’re sitting on substantial gains, consider taking partial profits. Trim your position gradually to lock in profits while staying exposed to potential upside.

2.            Trailing Stop: Set a trailing stop order to automatically sell if the price retraces. This protects your gains while allowing for further upside.

Remember, the xBrat Stocks Predator isn’t a crystal ball, but it’s a powerful dashboard that identifies strong confluences in over 11000 stocks and ETFs each day.

The xBrat Stocks Predator combines three essential components: the Unusual Activity Scanner, the Insider Activity Scanner, and the xBrat Algo. Let’s break down each of these elements:

1.            Unusual Options Trading Activity Scanner: This feature scans the market for unusual trading patterns. When there’s a sudden surge in volume or price movement, the Unusual Activity Scanner alerts you, allowing you to investigate further. Unusual activity often precedes significant price changes, making it a valuable tool for active traders.

2.            Insider Activity Scanner: Insider trading can provide valuable insights. The Insider Activity Scanner tracks trades made by company insiders (such as executives or major shareholders). If insiders are buying or selling shares, it could signal their confidence or concerns about the company’s prospects.

3.            xBrat Algo Decision Points: The heart of the xBrat system lies in its decision points. Here’s how it works:

o             Grade 3* Trade: The xBrat Algo considers nine decision points before labeling a trade as a 3* opportunity. These points include technical indicators, market sentiment, and historical data.

o             Grade 4* Trade: An additional special decision point elevates a trade to 4*. This point could be related to fundamental analysis, news events, or sector-specific factors.

o             Grade 5* Trade: Yet another decision point pushes a trade to 5*. At this level, the xBrat system is confident in the trade’s potential.

o             Grade 6* Trade: Finally, a total of twelve correct decision points are required for a trade to achieve the coveted 6* rating. These points cover a wide range of criteria, ensuring a thorough assessment.

Unlocking Trading Success with xBrat Software Solutions and the Proprietary xBrat Stocks Predator.

In the fast-paced world of trading, having the right tools at your disposal can make all the difference when stocks and options trading.

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