“The Manager” Trading Tutorial – The Ultimate Trade Management Strategy

“The Manager” Trading Tutorial – The Ultimate Trade Management Strategy. Using the New “The Manager” Trade management trading indicator to allow for consistency in your trade management decisions allowing to maximise profits. Watch this trading tutorial to learn the different aspects of this trade management strategy and how to combine them. Suitable for futures trading, forex trading, stocks trading and crypto trading – As long as your broker provides volume data for the instruments you trade.

The strategy that makes up this trade management tool includes:

1. Average volume calculations with auto lookbacks – Each candle then is identified as being above or below average volume with Dots above or below each candle.

2. Volume Distribution or Accumulation candles – Identifies if the candle has higher or lower volume compared to previous candle a. If Higher volume and is a Down candle it is a distribution candle and is coloured Red. b. If Higher volume and is an Up candles it is an accumulation candle and is coloured Green.

3. Adjustable BIAS cloud with four settings for Day Trading and Swing Trading. Red is Bearish BIAS with Price action and Green is a Bullish BIAS with Price Action.

Check out the platforms that the “The Manager” has been developed for HERE

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