Nasdaq Day Trading 101 – Smoothing out Price Action

Nasdaq Day Trading 101 – Smoothing out Price Action In this trading education video, Paul uses 4 different chart types to show how to smooth out Nasdaq for Day Trading. The first does yield around $3000 profit for an afternoon trading session with the xBrat SlingShot trading strategy. However the 4th chart type, for the same period of time, using the same xBrat SlingShot trading strategy yields over $6000!.

Choosing the correct chart type to day trade any instrument is key to successfull day trading strategies. Couple this together with being able to identify strong Support and Resistance zones to frame the trading chart of the instrument and you have the start of a consistent day trading strategy. Then Add the xBrat Slingshot and you will have a complete, strong, day trading strategy with simple rules to follow.

Check out these amazing tools for the NinjaTrader platform on the links below:

xBrat Guardian Zones for automated , multiple timeframe, support and resistances zones HERE

xBrat SlingShot for the high probability trading signals bewteen zones HERE 👉

Get the Uni Renko Chart Type for NinjaTrader HERE 👉 Coming Soon


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