Futures Scalping Strategy $ES vs $NQ

In response to a query from a futures scalping trader, Paul made this video to explain the differences between ES and NQ. And to show this with one of our xBrat Automated Strategy Builders. He then goes on to show the exact same 30 Range Chart as the trader and discusses how to trade that specific day with two different strategies, Support and Resistance and the confirmation tool, BIAS Depth Heatmap.

The xBrat SlingShot Automated Strategy Builder can be found HERE 👉

The xBrat Sligshot Manual Trading Indicator is HERE 👉 Which also includes 3 months free access to the xBrat Guardian Zones and 1 month free access to the VWAP Predator used in this Video.

The xBrat Roller Coaster is either an Automated Strategy on the same link as the Slingshot Automated Startegy Above or the Trading Indicator is HERE 👉

The xBrat BIAS Depth heatmap is HERE 👉

NinjaTrader xBrat Roller Coaster Indicator

The xBrat RollerCoaster Indicator Suite For The NinjaTrader platform is designed around a simple but effective Swing …
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TradingView Confluence Trading Strategy Lite

Confluence Trading Strategy Lite Bundle This bundle includes the 3 essential indicators: The xBrat BIAS Depth …
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