Day Trading Soy Bean Futures 💥 The New Hot Futures Trading Instrument

Using the Thinkorswim trading platform, Paul talks through a great day trading strategy for ZS, Soy Bean Futures. As always he teaches the simple rules of signal – confirmation – entry – trade management.

He uses the Hot xBrat VWAP Predator for signals on the Hottest Futures Instrument for Signals and the the xBrat BIAS Depth heatmap for trade confirmation. Keeping things simple with this combination is a consistent way to trade any futures contract, but Soy Bean is really becoming THE hottest futures contract to trade!

Check out the xBrat VWAP Predator for different platforms HERE 👉

xBrat BIAS Depth Heatmap HERE 👉

And don’t forget to join 1000’s of traders in our free discord group HERE 👉



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