Automated Trading – xBrat SlingShot Automated Strategy Builder Launch Party

Paul walks through, with lots of examples, how the xBrat SlingShot Automated Strategy Builder works. The power of being able to totally optimize an instrument when you are trading with the xBrat Slingshot is immense. In Paul’s examples he was able to show 85% and even 90% plus win rates!

This strategy is capable of swing trading. day trading and even scalping. On Stocks, Forex and Futures. One example mentioned was the last 10 Years on the $AAPL stock using the slingshot provided an 85% win rate, when swing trading long on $AAPL. Then another example gave a similar win rate when scalping Oil Futures.

The xBrat Slingshot Automated Strategy Builder is ONLY available for NinjaTrader HERE 👉


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