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What Is The xBrat Zone Trader Pro?

The xBrat Zone Trader Pro is an automated strategy born from the xBrat Guardian Zones.  The Automated strategy looks for confluences in zones from different time frames and automatically trades when they breakthrough or indeed reverse from those strong confluence zones. It is inspired by Paul’s Book “Confluence Not Coincidence” and is an automated confluence day trading strategy.

How Does The xBrat Zone Trader Pro Benefit YOU?

Set up automated strategies that trade between the Confluence Support & Resistance Zones provided by the xBrat Guardian Zones Logic and 1 years logic building and testing by Paul Bratby, xBrat himself.

What Elements Does The Zone Trader Pro Include?

It revolves around the xBrat Guardian Zones logic then builds on Paul´s Confluence trading strategy.

  • Trade the reversals or breakouts of confluence zones after economic data is released. Something manually trading cant do as it is that fast.
  • Trading the fresh air between confluence zones.
  • Automatically updating multi timeframe support and resistance zones and identifying when they are in confluence

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