Another Trading Day in the xBrat Discord Group

June 9th 2023 – Futures Day Trading in the xBrat Discord Group

Paul Bratby sharing his trades during the 9th June 2023 in the xBrat Discord Group. These are the images and comments made by Paul to inform and help teach the members of the xBrat Discord Group how to use the various trading software and associated strategies listed on our website. You can verify this by joining the Free xBrat Discord Group HERE and checking out the #futures-trading channel

First Trade of the Day – HG Copper Futures

This was a typical day trading opportunity with the xBrat VWAP Predator. From the Chart below, the latest VWAP Predator BUY Signal in Blue came below the resistance level. From the Sub chart there was confirmation of the Long Signal as all six timeframes on the xBrat BIAS Depth Heatmap were Green. So this gives us the signal and confirmation of the signal.

The Entry Strategy is next. In this situation, a more conservative approach is needed for entry as we have resistance just up above. So my Paul’s Buy Order (Stop Market Order) was placed just above the resistance. Something Paul teaches in many of his videso with all the software. The target was in the next resistance zone, where a Take Profit Limit order was placed. A Risk to Reward of approximatey 1:1.6.

xbrat discord group

My comment on this quick trade in the discord Group “Quick VWAP Predator Long on HG before I take my wife to the Mall – $600 lunch money 😉” as the trade hit the profit limit order as per the chart below.

Next Two and Final Trades of the day in the xBrat Discords Group

The next two and final trades for the 9th June 2023 in the xBrat Discord group were both Automates trades using the xBrat Automated Startegy Builders for NinjaTrader. These are part of the Enterprise membership and run by many of the sophisticated futures traders in the xBrat Community. The Following are the exact comments and images Paul shared along the way including a video he made live of the Gold Futures Range Breakout. We may ad a little more contect in italic.

“@everyone a couple more trades today but on Automated Strategy Builders – 1 is still open on ES with trailing stop locking in profit and the other was yet another gold breakout auto trade which I recorded live as it happened – its on the ⁠training-videos channel right now – No more trading for me today – By the way – the gold breakout ASB has made nearly $5k in two days and the enterprise membership is only $499 per month!!”

The Video Pual reffered to in his comments is below

xBrat Range Breakout Automated Strategy Builder trade on GC Gold Futures

And lets continue with the ES trade from the xBrat Discord Group

“lets see if this trade survives the open – profits locked in, conservative traioling stop – just got to survive the volatility of the first 15 minutes – no data now today, so thats a bonus”

xbrat discord group

“great push thrpough resistance at the open. Then came back down to test zone as support. Trailing stop mived automatically just below the support now to lock in more profit”

xbrat discord group

“support has held for a 2nd time. This is where it gets interesting, the automated trailing stop is around the lows of the two recent pivots testing support”

xbrat discord group

“trailing stop above support now, coming up to that first 15 minutes. Very pleased with another week with more trading – just going to leave this to run for a while whilst I feed the dogs and take them for a walk”

xbrat discord group

“interesting guardian zones printed a short term support now, trailing stop just below that at the moment” The Guardian Zones are fully automated, Multiple Time Frame Support & Resistance ZOnes, only available for NinajTrader HERE.

xbrat discord group

“another S&R zone now from guardain zones. This impulse move does seem to have ran out of juice. Almost 20 points locked in with trailing stop now”

xbrat discord group

“Still surving the pullbacks with the conservative, automated , trailing stop strategy. The trade has been on a little over 3 hours now and tipped 30 points, 120 ticks”

xbrat discord group

“@everyone trailing stop hit for a great $1345.82 profit on this 1 contract trade. In total 3 trades today. All shared here in the discord and all using the tools from our website. Nothing special, just being patient and following the rules. Im done for the day and the week, have a great weekend all…”

A Typical day in the xBrat Discord Group

Over trading is not a strategy and the most you will see Paul trade is around 3 to 5 trades a day and in most cases only a couple. Its not just Paul that shares his trades. Lots of other members share their wins using lots of different xBrat Trading Indicator Software Strategies in the “#winner-winner-chicken-dinner” Channel. From seasoned traders to total beginners. Check out some of the images from that channel in the xBrat Discord Group Below.

xbrat discord group



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