Trading Tools selected for Ultimate Forex Daytrading

Combining 3 Trading Indicators and 1 Trading Chart Add-on, Paul moves through a 24 hour period trading EURUSD with some amazing results. AND actually highlights the effectiveness of combining the indicators warning not to go in 1 trade. The 3 BIG trades were all winners! The Video was made using the NinjaTrader Version of these trading indicators from GTS. They are Also available for TradingView, Motivewave and ThinkorSwim Platforms. Indicators used were:

The Auto Harmonic Pattern Indicator **Auto Harmonics Trading Indicator Software**

The xBratAlgo Indicator **xBrat Algo Trading Indicator Software**

The Divergence Cloud Indicator ** Divergence Cloud **

EMA Cloud Add-On **The EMA Cloud Trading Indicator Add-On**



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