Trading Software Testing Behind the Scenes with xBrat

Paul shows how he has been testing the xBrat Slingshot for the last 9 months before its release in September 2023. A great example of trading this live and how slingshot works. Also how strong the automated, multi timeframe, Guardian zones also discussed in this video.

Paul was using automated software running the actual trading indocator in these trials as it allows him to test mutliple instruments at the same time to collect data. The trading indicator gives the same signals and looks the same, but traders have to put on the orders and adjust trailing stops as Paul mentiones in the video.

Checkout these two trading indicators for the NinjaTrader Trading Platform on the links below:

xBrat Slingshot HERE 👉

xBrat Guardian Zones HERE 👉

xBrat Automated Strategy Builders for Sophisticated Traders HERE 👉


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