How to Use the ThinkOrSwim Trading Platform Efficiently

Trading can be overwhelming, especially when you’re not using the right platform. Among others, one of the top choices is ThinkOrSwim (TOS). Read on to learn more about the TOS trading platform, including its features and benefits. Some of our Top Performaing propriatary trading indicators are avaible for ThinkorSwim HERE

What are the Key Features of the ThinkOrSwim Trading Platform?

The Think Or Swim Trading platform packs an array of exceptional features, including the following:

  • Paper Money: This is a great way to practice virtual trading until you’re ready to do it with real money.
  • Market Maker Move: By activating this feature, you’ll receive instant notifications on big price movements, so you can act accordingly.
  • Stock Hacker: All you need to do is enter the criteria you want in stocks. The system will automatically recommend suitable assets.
  • ThinkScript: It will help traders build and implement order executions even without expert coding knowledge.

Why Should Traders Consider ThinkOrSwim for Their Investments?

Are you looking for more compelling reasons to use the TOS trading platform? Below are some notable benefits:

  • Ease of Use: If you’re a new trader, you will love the seamless layout and intuitive interface.
  • Useful Tools for Analysis: The platform also provides access to over 400 technical studies, which can help you make better trading decisions.
  • Options for Customization: You can quickly customize different functions and personalize notifications depending on your investment goals.

What is the Trade History Function in ThinkOrSwim?

The ThinkOrSwim Trade History function shows filled orders. This will include information about the number of shares and contracts that were filled at a given time.

How to Track Trade Prices in ThinkOrSwim Platform?

Tracking ThinkOrSwim trade price is easy, so you can quickly stay on top. There is a Monitor Tab, which is where you can see past and present prices. You can organize such depending on your investment for a quicker snapshot of your portfolio.

What are the Trading Fees Associated with ThinkOrSwim?

The ThinkOrSwim trading fees depend on what you’re trading or how you’re trading. For example, it costs $0 to trade stocks and ETFs by yourself on the online platform. On the other hand, trading such financial instruments with the assistance of a broker costs $25.



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