How to Download thinkorswim (TOS): Practical Tips

You have several ways to download thinkorswim trading platform. For example, download thinkorswim mobile app if you want to have it on the go. There’s also the option of trading online without downloading it from the site.

Further, if having it on your laptop sounds better, check the download thinkorswim desktop app for Mac or Windows below. All downloads take a few minutes, so you can start trading in the next hour.

How to Download thinkorswim on Web

There’s no need to download it because you can use it on a browser. But if you must download thinkorswim desktop on Windows, confirm your version is Windows 10 or later. It takes less than half an hour to download. Next, the installation wizard runs for a few minutes.

How to Download thinkorswim on Mac

TOS download on Mac isn’t different from Windows. But first, ensure your Mac is OS X 10.11 or higher version.

Click the “install” button, and the file will download to your machine. From there, follow the dialog to permit the installer. Once complete, find the desktop button to log into the app.

How to Download the thinkorswim App

You have two ways to download the TOS trading platform for mobile. As such, you can use Apple Store or Google Play. Both of these options are accessible from the website.

When you click the installation link, it takes you to a download page. After reading the privacy statement, click the installation button.

How can I download the app to my laptop?

You can follow the Mac or Windows instructions stated above. First, confirm your laptop’s OS version to be sure the TOS download platforms support it.

Next, open the installation page on the website and download the app suitable for your operating system. After the file downloads to your laptop, run the installer.

Can I use thinkorswim in a browser?

Yes, this trading platform is accessible on a web browser. First, open an account on the website. There are different options, from individual to joint accounts.

To open an individual thinkorswim account, you require your social security number, employer’s details, and foreign tax ID (for none U.S. citizens).


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