5 Reasons to Consider After Hours Trading on thinkorswim

If you have a TD Ameritrade account (thinkorswim), then you can enjoy pre-session and post-session trading. The premarket session begins at 7 am, while the after-hours period ends at 8 pm Easter time. Therefore, if you miss the usual trading hours, you should try Thinkorswim after hours trading platform. Here is why:

  • Ameritrade doesn’t charge anyone trading during the after hours and premarket.
  • If you’re not a full-time trader, then you can trade outside the normal trading hours.
  • When a news event affects the stock market, it would benefit you more if you trade after hours.
  • Ample time to react to fresh market information
  • Extended trading time

For more details on after hours trading session or how to trade after hours thinkorswim, and answer the question: can you trade futures after hours? Please read on.

What is after hours trading, and how does it work on thinkorswim?

Generally, thinkorswim after hours refers to trading before and after the bell rings. In the United States, the market closes at 4.00 pm, and then the after hours day trading starts 2 minutes later and continues until 8:00 pm.

Premarket trading occurs before the market opens, while after hours trade takes place between 4:00 and 8:00 pm.

Since the stock exchange is closed, after hours trading takes place via the ECNs (electronic communication networks).sure the volumes are low after the bell closes. But a catalyst like the earnings report can have a huge impact on the after hours bid ask prices.

Pros and Cons of After Hours Trading

Like normal trading hours, the after hour trading has both risks and advantages. Fortunately, the pros outweigh the cons, and most traders have been benefiting for years. Here are after hours trading pros and cons:


  • You can enjoy the effect of news that affects the market after the market closes
  • A dividend investor who misses an opportunity to trade during normal hours can be eligible for dividend after hour trading
  • Convenience, after all, you can trade after the market closes
  • High volatility means better prices or greater pricing swings


  • Price uncertainty
  • Greater bid/ask spread can result in high volatility

Tips and Strategies for Successful After Hours Trading

  • Use the same After hours trading strategy as you would during the day: the fact that the market is closed doesn’t mean that you need a new strategy. Instead, you should use the same strategy as you can during the day. But try and pay attention to large price moves, lower volume, and increased spreads.
  • Pay attention to the market news: it’s a known fact that some stock news is released during after-market hours. Some of these news events can improve the volatility of the market resulting in a great investment opportunity.
  • The price may fall when the market opens: if the price of the stock rises during the after hour trading, it can drop when regular trading starts.

Can you trade futures and options after hours on thinkorswim?

Well, can you trade futures options after hours? The simple answer is Yes, but you must first activate this option. After all, their 24/5 trading option is not open to everyone. Basically, this means that you can start trading from Sunday at 8 pm to Friday at 8 pm Eastern time.

To benefit from after hours trading, you should ensure that your account is enabled for advanced features. All you have to do is log into your TD Ameritrade account and click the client services and general option under “My Profile.”

Under election and routing, you’ll find advanced features with the upgrade option. Click upgrade and then submit. But make sure you go through the terms and conditions of the upgrade. Once it’s active, you can finally start trading on 24/5.

How to Practice Day Trading After Hours on Thinkorswim

Entering an extended-hour order is the same as entering a normal-time trading order. Simply pick the stock you want to trade and then open the order menu. Other than the usual options, you’ll see the “EXT and “GTC-EXT.”

EXT is valid for all trades until 8 pm Eastern time, while the GTC-EXT orders are open to trade 24/5 for six months from entry day.



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