How to Option Trade with a Small Account

A common misconception in options trading is that you need a lot. Truth is, you can start even without a fortune. Small account options trading can be profitable, but only if you do things right.

Indeed, it’s true that the higher the risks, the higher the reward. But you also need to be cautious, especially when doing something you’re unfamiliar with. And that’s the reason you must consider option trading with small account.

If you’re clueless about how to proceed, read on and learn from the tips we’ll share in today’s post. Let’s talk about the basics of growing a small account with options. Now is the best time to start!

What is The Best Type of Trading for a Small Account?

Are you wondering about how to trade options with a small account? Well, there’s one strategy you must be familiar with — choose one with a low price but great profit potential.

Sounds easy, right? However, that’s not the full story. It’s not as easy as picking the most affordable stock and putting your money into it.

When choosing the best stocks to trade options for small accounts, look at the history. Consider the past and the present prices, which will help you more accurately predict future direction.

Some people make the mistake of being short-sighted when evaluating options. It’s crucial that you consider all variables that affect the market sentiments. By doing so, you can make more intelligent investment decisions.

What is Considered a Small Account for Trading Options?

The answer to this question is a subject of debate. There’s no definite number that could qualify as “small” when you’re trading options. Some people would say that it can be as low as $1,000 while others would argue it should be $20,000.

Generally speaking, however, entry-level options trading will require at least $1,000 on your account. As such, it’s an amount we can safely assume is low.

Regardless, one thing is important — no account is too small. Yes, the rewards may be lower when you start with a small amount. However, that does not mean that trading will be unprofitable.

5 Small Account Trading Strategies

Be an expert in trading options small account. You don’t need to be a professional trader. Instead, you just have to be familiar with the best trading strategies to implement.


Scalp trading is all about taking advantage of small price changes. Time is essential, so you need to resell quickly for the trade to be profitable. You need a definite exit strategy to make the most in options or futures trading small account.

Aside from small profits, another crucial element of scalping is its repetitiveness. This means that to be profitable, you need to do it several times. Obviously, doing it just once will not be enough to make money.

This strategy is best for in-the-money or at-the-money options.

Profit Target

The name itself will already give you an idea about this strategy for small account futures trading. Its goal is to exit a position with a positive gain. To do so, you’ll need to identify and lock your profit before things go south.

You must specify the price at which you are most comfortable exiting. This will help in minimizing risks and losses. In addition, it can also reduce the volatility of your investment portfolio.


This strategy requires holding a put and call on the underlying asset. It’s ideal for those who believe that an asset will have a dramatic movement. Nonetheless, the direction of such a movement is uncertain.

One of the most important things to note is that it becomes profitable only when the price change is sharp. Otherwise, if it’s just a small movement, you’ll not make money from your trade. This is different from scalping, which relies on small but repetitive price changes.

Time-Based Exit

By implementing this strategy to trade futures with small account, you’re defining the specific duration by which you’ll be trading. It’s also one of the simplest but most effective exit strategies to execute.

To yield maximum benefits, you must be fully aware of the market conditions. Otherwise, you’ll be too early or too late, which can translate into catastrophic losses. Do your research and carefully evaluate the market to know the best time for an exit.

Delta-Based Exit

Wrapping up our small account options strategies is one that relies on the price changes of the underlying asset. You’ll execute this once the delta is high enough.

For a better implementation of this strategy, you must know what delta is. In a nutshell, delta is the hedge ratio. It is a comparison of an underlying asset’s price with the option’s price. Along with theta, vega, and gamma, delta is useful for risk analysis in options trading.

Tips for Small Account Options Trading

Don’t let the small account challenge discourage you from investing. Consider it as a motivation to grow what you have. To do so, below are some tips on how to grow a small account with options.

Look for Online Training

Knowledge is power when it comes to the execution of the best trading strategy for small accounts. As such, it can help if you look for online training or classes to level up your skills.

One thing to do is to uncover the small account secrets by Simpler Trading. Consider enrolling in the Small Accounts Mastery. This is an opportunity to receive trade alerts and access live sessions to level up your knowledge.

Consistency is the Key

You might not get the outcome that you want in an instant after implementing the best options strategy for small accounts. However, this isn’t a reason to give up. Be consistent with your strategy it might soon bear fruit.

Avoid Emotional Trading

Many times, emotions can get the best of us, especially beginners. Nonetheless, one thing that’s consistent across options strategies for small accounts is that they rely on logic. Be ready to leave your emotions out of the equation.

Build the Right Strategy

You don’t need to choose a single strategy to make small accounts profitable. Instead, a better practice is to combine several strategies in one trade. This way, you can maximize returns and minimize risks.  Check out our Cradle2Grave Strategies HERE


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