Oscillator Trading: How to Use Oscillator Indicators

Generally, traders use several tools/indicators to determine their next move. In fact, these indicators are part of their usual strategy that helps them detect some winning opportunities. And one of the most popular and helpful indicators is oscillators.

For more on oscillators trading, please read on.

What are oscillator indicators?

Oscillators are technical analysis tools that can construct low and high bands between extreme values. These indicators have trend indicators that fluctuate between these bands. In fact, oscillators are the best tools for technical analysts to use to determine short-term oversold or overbought conditions.

Top 5 Oscillator Indicators for Successful Stock Trading

Traders use several stock oscillator indicators to confirm their predictions. Some of the top oscillators include:

  • Stochastics indicators: stochastics is the best oscillator indicator that determines trend reversal.
  • RSI: RSI is a momentum indicator that determines when stocks are oversold or overbought.
  • MACD: It uses a histogram and moving average to gauge the strength of a trend.
  • Money flow index (MFI): the MFI uses volume and price to determine oversold and overbought signals.
  • Rate of Change (ROC): ROC determines when the momentum of a trend is about to end.

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The Pros and Cons of Using Oscillator Indicators


  • They can provide sell/buy signals using the crossover strategy.
  • Oscillators can confirm the current market trend
  • It shows a trader when a stock is overbought or oversold


  • You’ll need to use more than 1 oscillator to confirm a trend.
  • When used wrongly, they can give false signals.

The Benefits and Risks of Day Trading for Beginners

Day trading can be quite lucrative when done correctly, and with an oscillator, you can create a reliable strategy. Oscillators can help you determine when to exit or enter a position and even lower your losses. But if misused, you may end up with a false signal, so you’ll need to use more than two indicators.

Common Oscillator Trading Strategies

There are lots of oscillators trading strategies that you can use. The main ones are divergence strategy and oversold and overbought strategy. Divergence strategy spots divergence between the momentum oscillator indicator and the stock price movements. The oversold and overbought strategy helps us determine a trend reversal.


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