How to Pick Penny Stocks

As its name suggests, penny stocks are shares of various firms going for less than a dollar. Penny stocks can be profitable. How to Pick Penny Stocks though?

Investors purchase them with the aim of their price rising to ten or more times their current price. For more on how to pick penny stocks, please read on.

Share Price and Valuation

As penny stock traders, we tend to consider these shares as affordable, which is the truth. After all, you will be getting more shares for $1000 instead of a few from a firm with a higher share price. For instance, you can get 10,000 shares from a startup or 10 shares for the same investment in a firm with a higher share.

This looks attractive, but when investing, you should not only focus on the share price. Instead, you should look at the shares available. The company with a lower share price may have more outstanding shares than the other one assuming they have the same capitalization.

So you should include the outstanding shares in your penny stock strategy.

Beware of Dilution

The likelihood of stock dilution with penny stocks is relatively high. After all, the outstanding volume can quickly balloon out of control through stock splits while raising capital. Investors who know how to make money from penny stocks are always aware of this.

Remember, the whole idea behind penny stocks is raising capital. Therefore, even when examining the td ameritrade penny stocks list, you should keep this factor in mind.

So you should look for a startup with a firm grasp of share structure. After all, share dilution can affect existing shareholders.

How to spot a possible winner?

A considerable percentage of the firms with penny stocks have a small market capitalization. Before investing, look at their fundamentals. Is the team fully using new shares to raise their capital? Can it turn a profit with its current structure, or is it profitable?

Therefore, if you include research in your penny stock investing strategies, you can benefit. They can be a gem to the right investors if you’re ready to learn how to invest in penny stocks. Simply look at their competitors, underlying fundamentals, and their structure.

Fortunately, these details are readily available for folks planning on looking at more than the share price.



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