How Many Trading Days a Year?

The stock market has about 252 trading days per year. That’s when we consider the two top stock exchanges, NASDAQ and the NYSE.

So, on average, how many trading days a year is the market open? It varies because market holidays may fall on a weekday or weekend. Generally, the stock market recognizes ten public holidays and remains closed. They include New Year’s Day, Presidents’ Day, Independence Day, and Memorial Day.

Read on to learn the rules that guide the stock market when such public holidays are on Saturday or Sunday.

Trading Days in Stock Market

How many stock market days in a year can you trade? There are between 250 and 252 trading days. They fall between Monday and Friday.

How many forex trading days in a year when there are holidays on weekends? The market doesn’t open on Friday if there’s a public holiday on Saturday. In addition, it doesn’t open the following Monday if the holiday is on Sunday.

For example, how many trading days in a year 2022? The market opened for 251 days and closed for 105 weekend days and nine holidays on weekdays.

Importance of Knowing Trading Days Per Year

A trading day is when the market is open for business, whether you want to buy or sell. Hence, knowing how many trading days per year the market operates helps you plan your trading calendar.

Plus, you can use the calendar to mark the most volatile days. Hence, you might have about 250 to 252 stock trading days in a year, but you’ll not work all of them. For example, the 1st, 30th, and 31st days are riskier.

Other days to watch from a distance are when they announce earnings or release the job report. However, some traders take advantage of such events, so it depends on your trading strategy.

Another reason you should check your calendar is that the market is low as the week starts. Therefore, you have fewer trading days in year 2023 if you skip Monday and Friday when there’s less activity and trading volume.


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