How to Find Swing Trade Stocks

Unlike day traders, swing traders use higher time frames when analyzing the market and lower time frames when exiting or entering a position. After all, they’ll be holding the stocks for a few days; therefore, you can’t just swing trade any stock.

You need to consider a few factors when picking the right stocks. For more details on how to find stocks to swing trade, please read on.

Top Stocks for Swing Trading

Before moving to how to select stocks for swing trading, you need to know the best options to target. Remember, you have to consider the market condition every time you want to enter a position. Some of the best stocks include:

  • Apple
  • Facebook
  • Amazon

Good Stocks for Swing Trading Strategies

Other top firms include Microsoft, PayPal Holdings, and Starbucks Corporation. If you prefer some all-time favorites, then you should try the following stocks good for swing trading:

  • Caterpillar
  • Kellogg’s
  • Kohl’s

Selecting Stocks for Swing Trading Success

Here are a few factors to consider when learning how to find good stocks to swing trade:

  • Catalyst: generally, this refers to anything that can set the price of a stock in motion. It can be the introduction of a new product or a change of events like the exiting of a top executive.
  • Volume: A firm with huge traded stocks can be perfect for swing traders.
  • Volatility: high volatility can earn traders cash from various short-term moves.

Strategies for Finding Stocks to Swing Trade

  • Switch from lower time frames to higher time frames for a better understanding of the market.
  • Since your goal is exiting a position at a swing high and entering at a swing low, you must learn how to spot swing highs/lows.
  • With the right indicators, you can look for an entry point and open a position.
  • Set up a stop loss, and when the market moves your way, you can start taking your profits.

Best Practices for Swing Trading Stock Selection

As a top swing trader who doesn’t know how to find stocks to swing trade, you should always look for a relatively calm stock. This means low volatility, especially for the novice. But you should look for a market catalyst that can affect your position. Remember to always include a stop loss when trading. For the Serious Stocks Swing Traders, check out our Swing Trading Bundle of Trading Indicators HERE


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