How To Set Up Your Day Trading Computer

As a trader, your day trading computer setup is one of the most crucial parts of your work. After all, day trading can be pretty challenging; therefore, the last thing you want is for your computer disappointing you.

Sure, you can trade using your laptop or smartphone, but serious day trading requires a reliable trading computer with multiple displays. Remember, you don’t need to build over $3,000 setup or look for a day trading computer setup for sale when starting. But with time, you’ll need a fast PC with a proper day trader computer setup. Especially if your going to take day trading seriously with the xBrat Suite of Day Trading Software HERE

For instance, you can try and upgrade some of your PC’s components without purchasing a new one. That’s the best approach, but before proceeding, you need to find out more about the best trading computer setup.

What is the day trading computer?

A day trading computer, also referred to as a trading station, is a powerful computer and associated tools that can easily handle trading software. Generally, the answer is short; there is no specialized kind of PC for a day trader.

Remember, your day trader computer setup is a crucial part of your job. After all, you might need trading computers multiple monitors.

Instead, it is a computer with the necessary hardware that can keep up with all your trading software. Generally, it’s a tool of trade, and it must at least keep up with you. Remember, the main goal of any trading station is to help you flawlessly execute your trading strategy.

You can start by upgrading some of your current PC’s components to create the best day trading computer setup. As you gain experience, you can invest in a better PC and then continue upgrading it as you add more software to your trading system. You might need additional monitors and trading platforms as you progress.

How to Pick the Suitable Processors

A fabulous day trading computer should be able to process a vast amount of information within the shortest time possible. When trading, you’ll need to keep multiple windows open at the same time while streaming an enormous amount of real-time data. Therefore, you need the best day trader computer setup available.

At the same time, you will be executing some lighting-fast trades with every second counting. Remember, any delay can result in you missing an opportunity or even a loss in the worst-case scenario. Therefore, your PC’s ability to process these data is determined by the CPU.

The CPU’s performance is the measure of how fast it will perform the assigned tasks, and it’s estimated in GHz or gigahertz. Some PCs have numerous cores that can process things separately, thus improving their performance over a single-core computer.

Day traders require quad-core processor PCs with a speed of between 2.8 and 3.3 GHz. If you use more software, then you will need an even more powerful processor. Most experienced traders prefer a 4 GHz CPU.

Therefore, every trader should consider the total number of processors every PC has. After all, the processors will guarantee that most applications will run simultaneously. The best option in the market is an Intel i5 and i7.

Correct Hard Drive

After determining the suitable PC processor, the next thing to consider is the type of hard drive for your setup. Remember, a powerful and fast processor needs the correct type of hard drive (SSD and HDD).

Generally, these two types of hard drives can do the job, but they’re pretty different. And in a number of ways, the SSD is way superior. The main difference between the two is that the HDD boots slower than the SSD, which takes 10 seconds.

In terms of longevity, the SSD has a longer shelf life than the HDD or the same capacity. On top of that, the SSD emits virtually no sound, stays cooler, and uses less power.

Remember, the booting speed of your computer and the fluidity of the apps can be affected by the type of hard drive. Therefore, most day traders install SSD as their main hard drives.

Sufficient RAM

Random Access Memory (RAM) is a crucial part of your computer that’s responsible for running lots of processes efficiently. While the Hard disk serves as long-term memory, the RAM is short-term memory.

A day trader runs several processes throughout the day. And most times, they run these applications at the same time; therefore, you need powerful RAM. If you always have your browser windows, chat rooms, and trading software open, then you should go for a PC with higher RAM.

But how much RAM do you need to trade efficiently? Well, before we talk about the capacity of the RAM, you need to know the following:

  • RAMs are not expensive, so you can always upgrade your system.
  • Too little space can cripple your trading station, which will affect its efficiency.
  • Most importantly, the more complicated the program you’re running, the more RAM you’ll need to open it.

Some trading platform providers will recommend the system requirements for their platforms on their websites. But these details can be misleading; after all, they don’t consider the RAM demands of other applications.

We recommend that the minimum RAM spec is 8 GB. It can run multiple applications without crippling your system.

Selecting the Best Monitor

Last but not the least, you need to pick the correct day trading monitor setup that’s compatible with your PC. When trading computers with multiple monitors, you should ensure that they’re compatible, especially if you don’t want to purchase an adapter.

The first question you should ask yourself is how many monitors you would need for your professional trader setup. Generally, some traders prefer using 8 monitors, while others are comfortable with 1. But most importantly, you should never get an additional trading monitor if you don’t need it.

For instance, if you love using 12 charts and your screen fits 4 charts, then you’ll need 3 monitors. But if you ever need to monitor more charts, then you’ll require an extra screen.

The resolution of the monitor also matters, so you should get a minimum of 1080P. Monitors with a higher resolution can guarantee you high clarity and better display.



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