Best Indicators for 1 Minute Charting

In a day trading 1 minute chart, a bar forms every minute. In turn, it shows high, low, open, and close data within one minute. To make sense of such data, you must use the best indicators for 1 minute chart.

What Are the Best RSI Settings for 15 Minute Chart?

Different factors will come into play. However, for most seasoned traders, one of the most common options is a period of 9 to 11. This is usual for day trading and scalping, making it the best RSI setting for 15-minute charting.

On the other hand, if you’re a medium-term swing trader, 14 is the most common choice. Meanwhile, long-term traders generally choose 20 to 30.

Understanding 1 Minute vs 5 Minute Charting for Day Trading

In comparing 1 minute vs 5 minute chart, one of the main differences is in terms of users. In most cases, 1-minute charts are for traders who want to see detailed price movements and want to get out of short-term trades within a few minutes. On the other hand, five-minute charts are for bigger intraday traders and those who don’t want to see price action every minute.

Advantages and Disadvantages of 10 Minute Charting

A 10 minute chart allows you to see major trends, but it is not as detailed as a one-minute chart. In addition, it requires less constant focus. Meanwhile, there will be fewer trades in a day.

How to Choose the Best Indicators for 5 Minute Charting

When choosing the best indicators for 5 minute chart, the most important is to not rely on a single indicator. It’s best to rely on at least two indicators for better reliability. In this case, we recommend using the exponential moving average and moving average convergence divergence.

Tips for Using Minute Charting in Stock Trading

For the best outcomes, here are some tips to maximize the benefits of minute chart stock trading:

  • Use a combination of the best indicators for 1 minute chart. This is better than relying on only one indicator.
  • Be attentive. 1-minute charts have a short timeframe, so you must be alert.
  • Choose the right trading platform. It must support 1-minute charting.
  • Manage your risks to minimize the potential for losses.
  • Manage your trades sensibly with our xBrat Manager to maximise profits consistently.


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