Number of Trading Days per Year

Every trading day presents an excellent opportunity to improve your ROI. After all, the high market volatility when it’s open guarantees some traders a win. The FX trade might be open in specific markets, but if it’s closed in your area, it will be less volatile. This can affect the day trader stats.

Trading Days in The US Markets

Generally, in one year there were 252 trading days. As of 2020, the trading day of the NYSE lasts between 9:30 AM and ends at 4:00 PM.

When the trading day of the NYSE ends, the system freezes all trades until the following trading day.

Trading Days per Year in Other Markets

Generally, the trading days per year of the options and US stock markets is 252. But it differs with other countries and markets. The United States has an advantage since most holidays fall on the same day, which is usually on Mondays. This makes the total number of trading days stable.

Unfortunately, some nations don’t do this; therefore, they have different trading days. The number of trading days of the London market and the Frankfurt stock exchange is usually different. And that is because they have different holidays and even the number of holidays.

This means that the trading days between the day trader vs pattern day trader differs.

Calculating Number of Trading Days From Historical Data

Anyone can easily calculate the total number of trading days for their markets using the historical data of the indexes or some securities. But make sure you use an index that you have been trading for a certain period. The best candidate is the broad market stock index.

Remember, the market stock index is calculated every time the exchange is open. This index includes VIX, DJIA, and S&P 500. Plus the fact that the daily historical data of these indices is that they’re available.

Number of Trading Days per Year in SQL and Python

It’s better to have historical data in your database, which can help avoid duplication while calculating the number of trading days in SQL. For instance, the SQL trading days using the VIX index between 1990 and 2022 is 252 trading days per year.

If you can’t access SQL, then you can calculate trading days using python.


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