?ThinkorSwim Tutorial – Swing Trading Stocks

ThinkorSwim Tutorial

Swing Trading Stocks with ElliottWave and Breakout trading strategies. Importance of framing your charts with channels and support & resistance zones, understanding trend behaviour and using tools to measure that behaviour. Entry strategies discussed in this stocks swing trading example on the ThinkorSwim Trading Platform.

This ThinkorSwim Tutorial uses trading indicators and simple strategies so that all levels of stock traders can achieve success.


0:50 Identifying growth stocks

1:23 Identifying and drawing trend channels on the weekly timeframe

2:38 Identifying and drawing Support & Resistance zones on the weekly timeframe

6:00 Moving to Daily timeframe and look around the sub chart indicators and what they do

8:06 Profit taking probability pullback zones

8:50 EMA Clouds

9:56 Using xBratAlgo to get early in trends

14:00 Profit taking pullbacks behaviour and how I measure it

15:15 Entry strategies

19:28 Risk to Reward

Paul used the Swingtrading bundle of trading indicators for Thinkorswim in this video – learn More HERE




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