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In Just 40 Weeks, I’ll Show You How To…


Become A TOP 0.1% TRADER So You Can Be Your Own Boss, Work From Anywhere, And Spend More Time With Your Kids!

(No Experience Necessary!) 

Join our 40-week Apprenticeship program and increase your likelihood of success in trading. 

  • Become a Pro Trader
  • Weekly Live Training Sessions
  • ​Lifetime Access to Tools
  • ​One-on-One Mentorship
  • Exclusive access to our learning portal
  • ​Community Support

The Xbrat Learning Portal

Paul has created over 600 training videos. Visit our learning portal and access them via our superb search tool.

Members Benefits:

  • Access over 600 training videos
  • Incredible search facility
  • Increase likelihood of trading success
  • Reduce trading risks with better education.
  • Be part of a successful team


Embark on Your Trading Journey with Our 40-Week Apprenticeship Program

Are you an aspiring trader or entrepreneur, yearning for financial independence and career sovereignty? In just 40 weeks, our all-encompassing program will furnish you with the skills and knowledge essential to ascend into the echelons of the top 0.1% of traders. The best part? No prior experience is required; we’re here to guide you every step of the way.

In this program, you will:

📈 Become a Pro Trader: Master the intricacies of trading, from deciphering market dynamics to implementing astute strategies.

📅 Participate in Weekly Live Training Sessions: Stay in the know with the latest trends and insights in the ever-evolving realm of trading.

🛠 Gain Lifetime Access to Critical Tools: Elevate your trading prowess with unfettered access to a suite of potent resources right at your fingertips.

🤝 Receive One-on-One Mentorship: Benefit from personalized guidance, ensuring an accelerated learning curve and in-depth understanding.

🔑 Unlock Exclusive Access to Our Learning Portal: Tap into a treasure trove of knowledge and resources, reserved solely for our apprentices.

🤝 Join a Supportive Community: Connect with kindred traders, share experiences, and evolve together within a nurturing community.

The path to financial freedom and a lifestyle defined by flexibility commences right here. Enroll in our 40-week Apprenticeship program, kickstart your journey, and pave your way to becoming an accomplished trader.

Explore the Xbrat Learning Portal

At Xbrat, we’re dedicated to your growth as a trader, and our Learning Portal stands as a testament to that commitment. With over 600 meticulously crafted training videos, this resource hub is designed to empower you with knowledge and skills to excel in the trading world.

As a valued member, you’ll enjoy a range of benefits:

📺 Access Over 600 Training Videos: Dive into a vast library of training content, covering a multitude of essential topics for traders.

🔍 Incredible Search Facility: Our robust search tool makes it effortless to find the specific knowledge you need, precisely when you need it.

🚀 Increase Likelihood of Trading Success: Equip yourself with the education and insights necessary to boost your trading success rate.

💼 Reduce Trading Risks with Better Education: A well-informed trader is better equipped to navigate the complexities of financial markets, thereby mitigating risks.

🤝 Be Part of a Successful Team: Join our community of traders, all striving for excellence and success in the world of trading.

Discover the Xbrat Learning Portal and unlock the doors to a brighter trading future. Your journey towards becoming a more informed, skilled, and successful trader begins here.


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