Scalping Nasdaq with Automated Strategy Builder Testing for NinjaTrader

Since NinjaTrader made the major update to their trading platform in Q2 2023, Automated Strategies need to be updated also.

This video is a short video of Paul testing the updated version of the xBrat Roller Coaster Automated Strategy Builder for NinjaTrader in Scalping mode on Nasdaq Futures. Basically trying to break it with the fastest running scalping instrument in the markets. Testing orders, execution, trailing stop adjustments and stop losses. And boy did these few trades move fast! Very low slippage and extremently fast reactions on the Auto trader and Paul is very happy with the major updates to the Automated Strategy Builder for the xBrat Roller Coaster.

Check out all of the xBrat Automated Strategy Builder HERE👉

Remember, they are only for sophisticated Traders that can learn from Paul’s bootcamp to optimize instruments with these Automated Strategy Builders!



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