The Manager Thinkorswim

The Manager – Simple & Repeatable Trade Management Indicator Suite

“The Manager” is the ultimate trade management indicator suite for all instruments and for all timeframes.

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The Manager Thinkorswim

Elevate your trade management. Use The Manager Thinkorswim today. It’s a simple and repeatable trade management indicator suite. Thousands of traders from all over the world use it to help them stay on track of their trading.

From establishing trends to determining entry and exit points, find out how The Manager would be right for you.

The Ultimate Trade Management Indicator Suite

What type of trader are you? With The Manager Thinkorswim, it doesn’t matter. Manage various types of instruments such as:

  1. Stocks
  2. Forex (with volume data from your broker)
  3. Futures
  4. Commodities
  5. Cryptocurrency

Also, you can adjust it for different timeframes. Naturally, if you’re a day trader, the timeframes will be shorter than that of a swing trader. So, take the time to see what trade management tool settings would be best for you if you’re:

  1. Swing Trading
  2. Day Trading Conservative
  3. Day Trading Moderate
  4. Day Trading Aggressive

Multi-faceted tools

As a trade management indicator suite, The Manager Thinkorswim has a lot to offer. The multi-faceted tools give you a great overview of market conditions. You can, therefore, make trading decisions based on reliable information.

The tools available in The Manager Thinkorswim include:

  1. Average volume: Based on how much trading volume is happening, you can determine if there’s an upward or downward trend on the way. Based on this information, traders will have a good indication of whether to buy or sell.
  2. Volume distribution or accumulation: Then, discover how the market is responding to a specific instrument. This data allows you to analyze potential entry and exit points. By using this tool, you limit risk and focus on places where profits are most likely.
  3. Adjustable BIAS cloud: Is the market bearish, bullish, or neutral? The BIAS cloud can tell you this. Get an understanding of current markets so that you know what to do next.




One of the most attractive elements of The Manager Thinkorswim suite is the available training. So, if you’re new to trading and using these tools, you have the guidance you need to get started. But, if you’re already experienced as a trader, it’s a chance to sharpen your skills.

The training for this management software shows combinations to give aggressive, moderate, and conservative trade management strategies.

Through the trade management strategies for this indicator, you get a simple and repeatable suite of analysis tools. Just follow the rules to maximize profits in any move. Do this by focusing on the signal strategy you’re using on all the instruments that have volume data available.

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"The Manager – Simple & Repeatable Trade Management Indicator Suite"



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The Manager Thinkorswim
The Manager Thinkorswim


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