NinjaTrader xBrat BIAS DEPTH Heatmap

NinjaTrader xBrat BIAS DEPTH Heatmap

This Trading Indicator is the ultimate “Go – No Go Gauge” for any trading signals strategy.  A Sub-Chart that looks up 6 time frames and gives you real time BIAS. Bullish, Neutral or Bearish on each level.  Making decisions, acting on trading signals easier! Only identifying those highest probability trades, no matter what signals trading indicator you are using.


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NinjaTrader xBrat BIAS Depth Heatmap

Trading signals will make up most of your investment strategies. As such, you need a Go-No Gauge to highlight market trends that deserve your attention. For that reason, you need the NinjaTrader xBrat BIAS Depth Heatmap.

This subchart gives you real-time BIAS. Further, this indicator shows you bullish, bearish, and neutral sentiments on each level. It makes it easier to make informed decisions by highlighting the most probable trades.

Plus, you can get this informative analysis irrespective of your signals indicator.

NinjaTrader xBrat BIAS Depth Heatmap Features

You want to keep up with price movements without cluttering your charts. Hence, this sub-chart looks up six timeframes. It displays this data in a format that’s easy to understand, even for beginners.

This heatmap has a variety of features, including the following:

  1. Six Levels BIAS depth
  2. Swing Trading setting
  3. Scalping setting
  4. Day Trading setting
  5. Real-time BIAS on six timeframes

There’s so much happening in the market. You may lose excellent trades when you concentrate on every noise in the market.

Paul Bratby, a seasoned investor, had a similar experience. Hence, he created a tool to help traders keep up with the market but skip unnecessary data.

Thus, with the NinjaTrader xBrat BIAS Depth Heatmap, you focus on trades with the highest probability. As a Go-No-Go gauge, you act when the market signals a change that matches your investment goals. For instance, you can trade when the market is bullish.

It’d take you longer to notice all the positions you can take on different instruments. Consequently, the accuracy of the NinjaTrader xBrat BIAS Depth Heatmap helps you keep up with trades better than manual analysis.

This heatmap filters the noise for you to see activity on higher timeframes. Its in-depth analysis shows you possible entry positions. As such, you make trade decisions faster than you would amidst all the noise.

How the NinjaTrader xBrat BIAS Depth Heatmap Works

Every instrument that interests you produces a variety of market information daily. When you work with a cluttered chart, you’ll get lost. It can be a costly mistake for a trader. Hence, use this simple depth heatmap. It has a range of colors representing different data.

Green represents a bullish trend, while red stands for a bearish trend. When you see yellow, it signals a neutral market trend. Since this heatmap compares data on six timeframes, you want to act when they agree. For example, the timeframes should be green to enter or exit a position in a bullish trend.


Specification: NinjaTrader xBrat BIAS DEPTH Heatmap



NinjaTrader xBrat BIAS DEPTH Heatmap
NinjaTrader xBrat BIAS DEPTH Heatmap


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