NinjaTrader Elliot Wave Indicator (Lifetime)

The Elliott Wave Indicator Suite For The NinjaTrader Platform is designed around a simple but effective Swing Trading strategy.


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With the purchase of the elliottwave indicator, you will have access to:

  • Elliott Wave Indicator:
  • Automatic Elliott Wave Count
  • High Probability Pull Back Zones
  • Special 5/35 Pullback Oscillator
  • Elliott Wave Isolation
  • 6/4 MA High & Low for Trade Entry & Management
  • Automated Target Zone
  • 4 Hour Training Bootcamp
  • False Break Out Stochastic
  • Free Monthly Live Support webinars
  • Perfect for Stocks, Forex , Futures & Crypto Trading

What do you get

NinjaTrader Elliot Wave Indicator (Lifetime)

As a swing trader, you want to enter many profitable trades for a few days or months and gain short-term price action. Finding these trades requires extensive technical analysis.

You want to invest in a tool that anticipates the price move and gives expert advice to enter the best positions. As such, the NinjaTrader Elliot Wave Indicator (Lifetime) is excellent for swing traders.

This indicator allows you to identify and label Elliot waves faster than when doing it manually. Therefore, it saves time and does a more accurate calculation.

Features of the NinjaTrader Elliot Wave Indicator (Lifetime)

The short-term nature of swing trades requires professional technical analysis. Further, fundamental analysis helps you assess instruments to see if the trends are favorable. This indicator suits various financial instruments, including forex, crypto, and futures. Here are some features suited to swing trading.

Automatic Wave Count

Analyzing wave patterns is too complex to do it manually. Hence, the system uses a computational engine. It searches and identifies Elliot waves on a chart.

High Probability Pullback Zones

This indicator helps you trade pullbacks profitably. It shows you the best entry point, close to a trend’s turning point. As such, you enter the trade at a lower risk.

Automated Target Zone

This technical indicator helps you identify the best entry and exit points. It eliminates the tedious work of guessing and calculating possible support and resistance levels.

False Breakout Stochastic

A breakout that fails to continue is also a price action. You can create a strategy around it after expert technical analysis. Therefore, the NinjaTrader Elliot Wave Indicator (Lifetime) allows you to follow such price action patterns as they suggest a possible change of direction or a resumption.

It helps you become an expert in understanding false breakouts instead of taking the bait like some traders. Hence, you enter at the best time and set a perfect stop-loss order.

That’s not all; you also get the following from this indicator:

  1. Special 5/35 Pullback Oscillator
  2. Elliott Wave Isolation
  3. 6/4 MA High & Low

Additional Benefits of the NinjaTrader Elliot Wave Indicator (Lifetime)

Technical analysis gets better with time as you acquire more skills. Thus, this indicator offers comprehensive training to make you a master analyst. It has a four-hour boot camp for intensive training by experts.

Further, the NinjaTrader Elliot Wave Indicator (Lifetime) has monthly live support webinars. Such assistance comes in handy as you learn how to use this indicator.

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"Elliottwave Indicator suite for the NinjaTrader platform"



Videos: NinjaTrader Elliot Wave Indicator (Lifetime)

NinjaTrader Elliot Wave Indicator (Lifetime)
NinjaTrader Elliot Wave Indicator (Lifetime)


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