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MotiveWave VWAP Predator

VWAP Predator For MotiveWave

This is a Day Trading and Scalping Indicator with built in trade management guidance. VWAP is commonly used as a benchmark by investors who want to be more passive in the market. NOT the VWAP Predator! This is a Day Trading and Scalping Indicator with built in trade management guidance.





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Motivewave VWAP Predator

Make day trading and scalping worthwhile using the Motivewave VWAP Predator. This indicator uses the volume-weighted average price (VWAP) as a benchmark. That way, it analyzes current prices and determines if they’re fair or high-priced.

You can use this indicator to evaluate the current price against the amount you paid or wish to pay for a security. As such, it helps you set the entry or exit positions. It’s neutral, neither bullish nor bearish. This indicator suits different investors, from institutional to retail traders.

Features of the Motivewave VWAP Predator Indicator

The Motivewave VWAP Predator is one of the indicators that combines market data to offer expert technical analysis. It uses volume and price data to create a price near the real average price. Investing in this indicator allows you to focus on charting areas that require your attention.

In addition, you benefit from a tried and tested technical analysis tool with experts improving it around the clock. Another benefit to accrue from this indicator is the simplicity of the chart. It appears as an average line. Thus, it eliminates clutter from the chart and leaves only essential candles and bands.

This indicator calculates the VWAP using the opening price. Further, it adjusts the VWAP during the day in real time until the session closes. Hence, your strategy can be to buy below this average price or sell above it. Most scalpers use this strategy to profit from small trend changes.

The Motivewave VWAP Predator gives you a lagging indicator from historical price data. Therefore, it gives you support and resistance levels for intraday trades.

Here are other features to enjoy when using this indicator.

Built-in Trade Management

Everything you do determines the trade’s success from when you enter a position. Therefore, this indicator has a built-in trade management feature for a smooth process.

It allows you to set entry positions, monitor trades, and execute exit positions. The chart uses colored candles and ribbons to indicate the data you’re analyzing.

Zonal Guide

The Motivewave VWAP Predator has a simple chart you can learn to use even as a beginner. One of the elements you notice is the bullish and bearish bands. Another feature is the accumulation candles depicting more buyers and distribution candles for more sellers.

When these candles have a high volume, it signals the start of a trend. This indicator works for various instruments, including forex, stocks, futures, and commodities.







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MotiveWave VWAP Predator
MotiveWave VWAP Predator


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