Divergence Cloud For Tradestation 10

The Divergence Cloud For The Tradestation Trading  Platform

only available for Tradestation 10


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Divergence Cloud For Tradestation 10

Spot the calm before the storm for both breakouts and breakdowns with this ultimate volatility indicator

  • This is the ultimate Go/No-Go indicator that will help you confirm your entries and exits with confidence
  • Cloud color shows bullish and bearish divergences which indicate trend reversals
  • Our most powerful and innovative indicator yet
  • Spots bullish accumulation and consolidation points before strong upward breakouts and continued bullish trends.
  • Finds points of failing strength at plateaus and tops before drops.
  • Includes its own entry signals and suggests when to scale out/exit out of a position. This makes it a fully-fledged trading system, as well as a discretionary indicator.



What do you get

The Divergence Cloud For The Tradestation Platform

Unique glow and scaling visualizations to make trading with this indicator an intuitive breeze.
Ideal for symbols with an upside bias such as stocks and equity futures (e.g., ES, NQ)
Customize colors, styles, and parameters

The Divergence Cloud For The Tradestation Trading Platform Trading Software – tradingindicators.com

Getting Started

After your purchase of the Divergence Cloud indicator, you will receive a confirmation email stating that you will be granted access to the indicator within 24h.
Once you purchase the product, you will receive a link to download the divergencecloud.eld installation file. Use the following steps to install the study:



1. Download the DIVERGENCECLOUD.ELD file
2. In TradeStation go to File -> Import/Export EasyLanguage
3. Select Import Easy Language file (ELD, ELS or ELA)
4. Browse to the DIVERGENCECLOUD.ELD file and follow the instructions
5. The Divergence Cloud is available under Studies -> Indicator -> Divergence Cloud]


Is this an automated trading system?

No, this is an indicator which will help you in your discretionary trading approach.

Will the indicator expire?

No, the indicator is yours forever. No follow-up payments are required.

Specification: Divergence Cloud For Tradestation 10




"Divergence Cloud For Tradesation"



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Divergence Cloud For Tradestation 10
Divergence Cloud For Tradestation 10


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