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BIAS Indicator For MT4

The BIAS indicator For The MT4 Platform


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BIAS Indicator

The BIAS indicator automatically looks on a higher timeframe and measures 3 EMAs and their relationship to each other.  This then gives a trader an indication of the following states on a higher timeframe:

  1. Bullish BIAS
  2. Neutral BIAS
  3. Bearish BIAS 

The 3 EMA’s used are called, Leading, Main and Lagging EMAs.  It is their relationship on a higher timeframe that gives us a BIAS to help us out in the current timeframe we are trading.  This BIAS indicator is a subchart and keeps the rest of the chart clean for your main trading strategies. Also if the BIAS changes to Yellow whilst we are in a trade, this would be a good sign to tighten stops.

Please view the chart images on the left to help visualize how simple it is to use the BIAS indicator to confirm the bias of direction on higher time frames.


  1. Stocks
  2. Forex 
  3. Futures 
  4. Commodities  
  5. CryptoCurrencies



What do you get

The BIAS indicator For The

BIAS Indicator for MT4

Keep up with market changes using this BIAS Indicator for MT4. Instead of placing trades without data from a higher timeframe, use this indicator to understand the technical and fundamental factors influencing trends in particular instruments.

You require such analysis to make trading decisions, including entry and exit strategies. Further, such knowledge helps you understand how the market operates if you’re a beginner.

Features of the BIAS Indicator for MT4

For successful trades, you want to determine the price of financial securities to know if the trend is going up or down. Further, you want to predict possible changes in the future to prepare for them as an investor.

That’s why you should invest in an indicator that shows the exponential moving average (EMA).

What is EMA

The moving average flattens price fluctuations to show trends and eliminate other market activity. It uses recent price data, and it helps you confirm a trend. You can use it to verify market sentiments and information from unofficial sources.

On top of that, it can indicate a trend’s strength and provide data to help you make better decisions in the present trading timeframe.

Getting the BIAS Indicator for MT4 allows you to enjoy all of these benefits of EMA. It measures three EMAs and shows you their interaction on a higher timeframe.

Since trading is about making a move at the right time, you want to use every resource that speeds up your decision-making process.

As such, this indicator shows you the lagging, lead, and main EMAs. When you get the lagging EMAs, you have insights into the historical data of the financial security you want to buy or sell.

On the other hand, the leading EMA shows you the possible direction of the trend. Seeing the two worlds can help you identify situations to avoid and steer your investment away from losses.

This indicator shows you the bearish, neutral, and bullish biases. For instance, if you’re following forex instruments, a bullish BIAS occurs when the average number of long trades outnumber short trades. The opposite occurs for bearish BIAS.

This indicator is easy to use. It has a simple interface with various colors displaying these biases. It’s a sub-chart; hence, your chart stays clean, so you focus on the main strategies there.

The BIAS Indicator for MT4 works for various financial instruments, including stocks, crypto, forex, commodities, and futures. It comes with a lifetime license, meaning you can use it throughout.

The BIAS indicator For The TradingView Platform Trading Software –

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"The BIAS indicator For The MT4 Platform"



BIAS Indicator For MT4
BIAS Indicator For MT4


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