Gold Futures Breakout Day Trading Tutorial

Gold Futures Breakout Day Trading Tutorial

Learn what a Cradle2Grave Trading Strategy is all about. This simple and repeatable Range Breakout Day Trading Strategy is made even easier with the xBrat Range Breakout Trading Indicator. Then Maximising profits of the trade and not panicking on pullbacks is helped with the xBrat Manager.

This Gold Futures example shows how easy this day trading strategy is to follow.

Check out the TradingView version of our Breakout Cradle2Grave Bundle HERE 👉

The Cradle2Grave Breakout Trading Indicator Bundle is also available for Thinkorswim, NinjaTrader and MotiveWave HERE 👉

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Tradingview LITE Confluence Trading Bundle Breakout

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The LITE Confluence Trading Bundle Breakout is designed to help define opening ranges of major markets, along with Gold Pit opens, Oil Pit opens and …
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What is a Cradle2Grave Trading Indicator Strategy Bundle?

Any serious trading strategy, whether scalping, day trading or swing trading has a beginning and an end. The Beginning “Cradle” is a trading signal from a set of rules from one of our trading indicators. We have selected the two simplest trading indicator signal generators:

The xBrat Algo, which uses 12 decision points to generate and grade trading signals. From 3* to 6* Buy and Sell Signals.

The xBrat Range Breakout, which defines opening ranges for markets or indeed economic data points. Then gives it a BIAS and trades out of that range with 4 different modules including reversals and straddle trading strategies.

We have 100’s of trading training videos for the xBrat Algo and XBrat Range Breakout that Repeat the same simple rules for entry strategies with these simple trading indicator strategies.

The most important part of this Cradle2Grave Trading Indicator Bundle is the End, the “Grave”. A simple and repeatable trade management strategy is required to maximise profits consistently. In other words, we want to help traders to stop panicking and getting out of trades too early. If you are a novice trader or indeed a seasoned trader, we can guarantee that you kick yourself when you get out of a trade too early. Only to see it turn back around and continue in the direction of your original trade and the phrase “could have made more trading profit” goes through your mind. So, each one of these Trading Indicator Signals generators is matched to the xBrat Manager to form the complete circle of “Cradle2Grave” trading strategies.

The xBrat Manager gives a simple, graphical representation of the behaviour of any instrument with price action, average volume comparisons, alongside Volume Distribution and Volume Accumulation. Then with a simple Training Bootcamp traders are able understand the trade and NOT get out too early!



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