Futures Tick Charts Trading Tutorial

Futures Tick Charts Trading Tutorial using ZC, Corn Futures in this simple trading strategy lesson.

Paul talks through how to use the 300 Tick Charts on the ThinkorSwim trading platform with the xBrat Roller Coaster trading indicator for a 5 day period with 11 winning rades and only 2 losing trades.

This futures trading strategy at its core is a Stochastic/MACD Cross with 4 other points of control to allow traders to take advantage of the roller coaster action in futures markets.

Check out the Roller Coaster Indicator Suite for ThinkorSwim and other trading platforms HERE

Paul also briefly mentioned the xBrat Auto Harmonic Patterns trading Indicator – Check it out HERE ⏩

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The xBrat RollerCoaster Indicator Suite For The Thinkorswim platform is designed around a simple but effective Swing Trading strategy.   …
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"RollerCoaster Indicator suite for the Thinkorswim platform"




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