CitiGroup $C Stocks & Options Trading Idea Update

This is an update video for the stocks and options trading idea shared to our xBrat Stocks Predator users in their own support channel in our xBrat Teams. Below the video is the actual content and options play from both Paul and xBrat Vic.

CitiGroup $C is the Standout Opportunity on the Stocks Predator Today (15th November 2023)

[11/15 3:13 AM] Paul Bratby

A Stop Market Order just above $45 is sensible to ensure momentum that is building, is going to continue. A initial target of $49 would be sensible here… Vic Reilly I know the current options on the UA activity scanner have hit their strike price and expiry is 17th Nov. Is there any decent options trading plays for mid December or mid Jan with $49 or $50 strike price?

Citi group options trading play chart image

Options Trading Play from xBrat Vic

[11/15 7:00 AM] Vic Reilly

Paul Bratby Hi Paul and good day to all.  I like the 47 strike a little better at this point.  That strike price has a lot of Open Interest (OI) compared to the other strikes for C for the December expiration (almost 26K OI vs below 10K for the others on avg).  The bid/ask spread for the 47 strike is less than 5% (4.87) which is very good.  Also, in general the Implied Volatility (IV) has a percentile ranking of 9.68% which means that the IV at this time has only been lower over the past year 9.68% over that span.  This means that buying call options at this time is positive.  Lastly, C is about 2 months out from their earning report and the IV is below the historical levels (HV) at this time which bodes well for option prices to rise over the next month (and beyond) making the December expiration a good target.  So C 12/15/23 47 Call is currently at $0.42 per contract and the position that I would take.


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