Automated Strategy builders – this video will blow your mind

Join our latest optimization session with Q2 apprentices, focusing on refining automated trading strategies (ASBs) for copper and oil.

This is an amazing optimization session for the ASB’s – Recorded on May 27th 2024. Discover the importance of data collection, understanding instrument behavior, and weekly performance reviews. Learn from real-world examples, including Paul’s first oil trade loss in 90 days and how he reoptimized for better results.

We cover strategies like slingshot, roller coaster, and Zone Trader Pro. Perfect your trading game by balancing profit maximization and loss minimization. Don’t miss out on these valuable insights!

The session focused on optimizing trading strategies using automated systems (ASBs) for apprentices, emphasizing data collection and reoptimization.

Key points discussed included understanding behavior for different strategies on the same instrument and the importance of weekly data collection and performance review.

Paul shared his recent experience with oil trades, highlighting a first losing trade in 90 days and his approach to reoptimization based on detailed performance analysis.

Strategies such as slingshot, roller coaster, and Zone Trader Pro were mentioned, with specific schedules and adjustments for copper and oil trading.

Emphasis was placed on the iterative process of optimization, adjusting strategies based on behavior, and maintaining a balance between maximizing profit and minimizing losses.

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