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Auto Trader Testimonial

“I’ve been looking for quite some time to find a reliable automatic trading system to complement and why not, maybe even replace my day trading. What I found were mostly two types of situations:

1st one – where you are given a cookie cutter strategy which supposedly works in any market at al times and the vendor wouldn’t change anything inside and some even worse, it wouldn’t even give you the possibility to optimize anything either.
2nd type – you receive a system where you must build everything by yourself – which requires hundreds of hours of programing and testing and optimizing – and defeats the purpose of paying for an automatic trading system.

Then I came across Paul and his AutoTrading software. Here is somebody who is not only a great trader, but he is also extremely talented in creating and optimizing profitable automatic strategies. He’s put a tremendous amount of work into developing these strategies and moreover, he is involved real-time in adapting to the ever-changing markets and communicating with his students.

So you receive a bunch of profitable strategies – you can use all or some of them as you need for your account size. Paul monitors them and optimize them weekly if necessary. You have questions – he’s super quick to answer in the private group chat. You want to improve upon the existing strategies? – knock yourself out. You can even create your own strategy from scratch if you so desire.

In less than 2 months since I’ve joined, I’ve been profitable although my timing was not the best – I’ve waited for a major software upgrade and the creation of the strategies for the new version. I’ve had around 4 weeks live and I’ve been profitable since first week.
I’d only say give Paul’s Auto Traders a try. You won’t need to look any further.”

Thanks again,



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